Here’s an opportunity to join the Secret Alley family

It’s a legendary place. You know you wanna.

Here’s the deal, according to Craigslist:

We are three women looking for a new officemate to share our unique space inside an incredibly unique arts collective space located in the Mission District. You are a full- or part-time creative freelancer type person, but we’re also open minded.

The shared space is an open 25″ x 10″ room with two white walls, one bright sea green wall, and one black wall. We have built three desks into the space using redwood and welded rebar. We also created a small chill space with two chairs, a coffee table, a record player, and a bar set-up. We’d love your creative input and help in finishing the design of the space, if that’s something that interests you.


We are not directly inside the arts space but rather right next door to it. We are considered part of the community and have access to the shared space inside, including a magical events space and kitchen/bar area. Other tenants include filmmakers and a community radio station. On the first floor is a gallery space that is currently being built out. Our space is on the second floor and there is a working elevator.


[via @eviloars]

3 Responses to “Here’s an opportunity to join the Secret Alley family”

  1. db says:

    I know spaces are small in sf but co-working in less than 2 square feet is a bit absurd.

  2. Tom in SFCA says:

    Truly! You’d be in danger of being crushed by a dwarf!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for posting! We’re still looking for someone to fill the space. And yes, the space is 250 square feet, not inches. Ha. I fixed the typo :)