Ray Band Tomorrow Night @ Coda

Tomorrow night, Friday 9/24, at Coda on Mission and Duboce, a 14-piece supergroup of San Francisco bay area musicians are getting together for a some sets of good old Ray Charles music. The arrangements were done by guitarist Mike Irwin Johnson, of the local bebop group 8 Legged Monster. The band will be called, simply, RAY BAND.

I’m told that every female singer in town was interested in one of the three coveted Raelettes pantomiming backup singer spots. And who who wouldn’t be? They ended up with Allegra Bandy, Rashida Clendening, and Karen Fremont, who all look great in long gloves.

So who plays the part of Ray Charles? Well if you were to ask me to choose someone, I’d say the soul-dripping Lech Wierzynski from the California Honeydrops. Turns out I’m not alone. I don’t know how far Lech is going to take this role. Will he be wearing dark sunglasses and jerking spastically to the music? Will he stumble around after the show and feel up ladies wrists to determine whether or not they are hot enough to shack up with later? (It’s in the movie Ray, dude. Netflix it.)

The show starts at 10pm and costs 10 bucks. Tickets and more info here.

Update! Mike informs us that Lech isn’t Ray tonight. Instead, Dylan Germick of PLANET BOOTY will be filling the chair!

California Honeydrops On Chasing The Moon

The California Honeydrops are the latest band to be featured on Chasing the Moon and it’s my favorite installment yet. If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, it should give you a good idea of what you’re missing. Good thing I wasn’t at this filming, because I probably would have knocked over a boom mic dancing.

From Scott McDowell:

This band is world class fresh! The California Honeydrops are the real deal: transforming any dull scene into a world class dance party. Lech Wierzynski leads killer a band that includes pianist Chris Burns, drummer Ben Malament, bass player Seth Ford-Young, and saxophonist Johnny Bones. Working on this episode was especially tough because none of us could stay seated during the editing/mixing.

I love that second tune. If you told me it was a lost Sam Cooke side I would have thought twice about it.


The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

California Honeydrops At Revolution Cafe Tonight

Probably my favorite bay area band, The California Honeydrops, just got back from touring the Netherlands and are playing at Revolution Cafe tonight. Rev has their alcohol serving privileges restored, for now… so it’s safe to go back.

Go listen to some infectious rhythm and blues, ask them about the Dutch, and try to figure out what those chest-high curvy things are supposed to be used for new parklet installation. The ‘drops drop at 8pm and will be playing ’til 11pm. There’s no cover charge, so be sure to tip.

[photo by mhwing]


The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

In this video, Lesch from the California Honeydrops (with bonus Quinn Deveaux on the tub bass!) talks about playing music in BART stations. I was really interested to hear how he has found that he could tell exactly what kind of day the passengers have had just by looking at their faces.

As a daily commuter, I know regularly I barrel past buskers without even giving them a glance, even if I really dig what they’re doing. Maybe it’s because I think I’m in a hurry. Maybe it’s because I really have had a shitty day. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have any singles or I don’t feel like tipping. At any rate, I think I’ll be more conscious of it in the future.

There, now aren’t you glad that dude’s balls are no longer the topmost post? I am.

Mardi Gras Party @ Amnesia Tonight

Your favorite dimly lit music venue Amnesia (Valencia b/t 19th and 20th)  is hosting a great Mardi Gras themed party tonight! They start at 9pm and the cover is $7-10 sliding scale.

Headlining are the California Honeydrops, a smokin’ rhythm and blues band out of Oakland and one of my favorites in the bay area. Opening is Damon and the Heathens, a kick-ass punky soul band. Go for the awesome party; stay for the cheap plastic jewelry.

Vids of these fine bands after the jump.