Mesmerizing BART GIF


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Losing your grip on reality, in (a) BART station(s) in the Mission


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BARTing in the rain

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.03.43 PM

From a series by local photographer Ronuae. See the rest here.

Now please enjoy this other post about the longest BART train of all time.

Neverending BART train


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You left your hammer on the BART platform at 24th/Mission

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.07.30 AM

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Ewok thoughts while waiting at the 24th/Mission BART station

“That R2D2 dude is actually kind of a dick.”

Or maybe it’s a Mogwai (from that movie Gremlins), in which case he’s probably wondering if it’s past his snack time yet.

Oooh, or maybe it’s a Moblin, and he’s wondering why he NEVER runs out of spears to throw at that dumb little elf kid dressed in green!

Regardless, they’re probably ALL wondering why BART is so goddamn late.

3D City: A quick trip to Piedmont Ave

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

In my rush to get as many new comics made for SF Zine Fest I took a quick trip out to the awesome Piedmont Copy. I spent most of my day cutting and folding new books, but snapped a few shots along the way on my Lumix 3D1. The zines turned out great too btw.


Godzilla film takes some liberties with BART and Muni logos

Hollywood be all like, “here, lemme redesign that for you” (Godzilla, 2014):

After all, who would want these pieces of shit searing the eyeballs of America:

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BART zen

The long BART ride home from the furry convention


After the fur has finally finished flying and the anthropomorphic animal heads have come off . . .