How much did the Chive pay BART Police for this ad?

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Fun with puddles and BART

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BART operator’s hurt feelings


Epic transit nerdout today on Burrito Justice Radio

Tune in, noon-2pm:

Driving your car through a BART station

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24th Street BART dance parties, then vs. now

Even though “then” was just a little over a year ago, it feels sooo much longer:

But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, times are changing, so now I suppose you’d better get used to this sort of sterile digital future:

And yes, I realize this is just Silent Disco and they’ve been doing it for years, so I guess I’m ok with it as long as the homeless folks get headphones too. To be clear, I’m not saying it’s bad, just different. Of course, this better not evolve into some sort of Demolition Man future sex.

[Photo by Sean Knox, via Dispatches from Entitlementistan]

24th st. BART ‘skate park’ opening soon

The nice-ification of 24th st. and Mission continues: first we saw the reclaimed wood makeover for that crusty old Micky-D’s, now the fencing is starting to come down on the mysterious construction at the 24th st. BART Station.

The big reveal? A skate park. OK maybe not exactly a skate park, but c’mon. Those rails and steps probably have every kid in a 5-mile radius reaching for their boards. I’d dare say it’s one of the best unintentional skate parks since the Tenderloin’s US District Court Northern District Of California.

There are other changes in store, including a bizarre obelisk structure next to the stairs. It’s hollowed-out inside and appears to have an entrance so who knows what it’s real purpose may be… BART jail? Communications tower for contacting the mother ship? It’s anyone’s guess.

[2nd photo via BART]

Future BART!

“BART to the Beach,” son! SFist reports:

An ongoing new project, dubbed BART Metro Vision, is seeking to outline various pie-in-the-sky ideas for expanding the train system beyond 2025, and current ideas include adding lines to the Sunset and Richmond, adding stops on the current line at Van Ness and at 30th and Mission, and adding a second Transbay Tube.

Read on for more info and lots more map!

Bats on Bats on BART

Reader Byron sent us this pic of someone getting a couple handfuls of Batman in the BART station. Most likely the brooding hero was making his way back to the cave from the Superhero Street Festival last Saturday.

Byron adds:

It was at the 24th Bart street station
The person in the batman outfit was really intoxicated and was posing for pictures

You can see pictures from past Superhero Street Festivals on their site.

BART art

By Doctor Popular.

Here is how he did it.