Boogaloos: New Menus Means New Prices

Had the pleasure of sitting down to a peaceful brunch at Boogaloos today.  I never go on the weekends because it’s a veritable shitshow, but on an unassuming Wednesday it can be quite a pleasant experience.  Oh, and look!  The menus are new and shiny instead of those flimsy paper things!

Wait a minute, something isn’t right here.  All the menu items seem to be a dollar or two more expensive than last I remember.  Uh oh.  I hope they didn’t mess with the . . .

Curses!  They did!  What are they thinking?  $4 for a mimosa?  Not quite Foreign Cinema or Beretta prices, but also not a direction in which I am comfortable proceeding.  Am I ridiculously late in discovering this?

Well, at least maybe now it won’t be such a shitshow on weekends anymore.

11 Responses to “Boogaloos: New Menus Means New Prices”

  1. Andy says:


    About a year ago she stopped in there to get some lunch or something. I think she had a salad with peanut/sauce type dressing and chicken. It made her so severely ill she probably should have been hospitalized. She was so sick she couldn’t even stand up without passing out and had to crawl to get to the bathroom. It was the only thing she had eaten all day, so no question about what made her sick.

    I called boogaloos the next day to explain, it was during the peanut recall so I wanted to make sure they weren’t making other people sick too. I also asked if she could get a refund or maybe a free meal that wouldn’t nearly kill her.

    The person on the phone was rude, and acted like I was lying. Didn’t apologize or even really seem concerned with it.

    Obviously tons of people eat there and don’t get sick, and their food is good, but I’d never go back there based on that rotten treatment and total lack of tact. You really think I’m going to lie about that to get $10 or a free meal? Gimme a f%#ing break.

    OK.. rant over.

  2. generic_ says:

    A $4 mimosa isn’t an outrage, but the FACT of a price increase in this economy is off-putting enough for me to avoid B’s.

    Which I’m sure they’re losing sleep over. Sunday mornings and all.

  3. Jules says:

    Their food is horrendously bad. I don’t understand why people wait in line every weekend to eat there.

  4. b says:

    I went the other day and it was like 15 after tip. I dunno, I like the place, but probably not going back much. Too expensive for the quality and rushed eating experience.

  5. tea says:

    Boogalosers? People wait in line to eat there to see and be seen – it’s not so much about the food. There are so many better places in SF to eat. The staff there is rude. Go to St. Francis instead.

    • xix says:

      Right… As if there never a line at St. Francis, heh. I do like it there and prefer it to Boogerloo’s.

      But how about cafe la taza on Mission? That place is rarely crowded and the food is just as good (if not better).

  6. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I’ll say it again: Jim’s for breakfast. Quick, simple, cheap. You guys are hella ‘tarded, as I **harumph** believe the kids say.

  7. yohans says:

    xix, why don’t you just shut up about la taza already? Nobody wants to eat there. You hear that everybody? Nobody.

  8. one says:

    Oh, I LOVE Boogaloos! lovelovelove it. It’s the BEST RESTAURANT in the WHOLE wOrLd!!! It’s the ONLY place for breakfast. You all MUST GO THERE AND ONLY THERE!