Everything You Know About Quesadillas Is Wrong

Quesadilla = Tortilla + Cheese, right?

“Nuh-uh!” says El Salvador:

Sarkarati busted this Quesadilla Salvadorena out at Taco Summit ’10 last weekend. It’s a sweet, pound cake-ish food item, that somehow manages to taste cheesy using grated queso fresco. Try one for yourself for about $3 at La Palma on 24th and Bryant.

6 Responses to “Everything You Know About Quesadillas Is Wrong”

  1. candlestickkid says:

    gee, thanks for teaching about life in the Mission district and how to relate to all this LA-teen-O stuff.

  2. chris says:

    The ones from La Mexicana bakery on 24th near York are among the best things I’ve ever eaten…

  3. piece of says:

    EW, NO.

  4. SergDun says:

    salvadoreans always do weird shit, their “enchiladas” are tostadas with hard boiled eggs on top.

  5. noddy says:

    Wow! Did you just walk out of a cave and onto Valencia? Better you stick with Taqueria Cancún!

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