Fire 1, Boogaloos 0

No, they’re not rennovating.  A small fire that started in the kitchen last night forced SFFD to arrive on the scene and hose down the popular brunch spot.  By morning a pile of rubbish had already been cleared outside, but the damage inside appeared to be minimal.  So don’t worry; by the time the weekend arrives, you should be able to wait 30 minutes for a table again!

UPDATE!!!  According to Mission Local, they opened at 9:30am this morning!

Boogaloos Mobbed at Noon on a Friday


Is this even normal?  I was always under the impression that as long as you didn’t try to go to this place during the ridiculously crowded weekends, you would be okay.  Instead, perhaps owing to the welcome afternoon sunshine, the spot was packed with a waitlist at least ten-deep, so $4 mimosas had to be replaced with the $6 ones down the street at Revolution Cafe.

At least it meant that we got to hang out at the 22nd Street Parklet with these guys:



Boogaloos: New Menus Means New Prices

Bike Racks For Boogaloos (and Friends)

22nd Street Parklet to Include Big-Ass Marimba

Bike Racks For Boogaloos (and Friends)

Just saw these guys installing six (6) brand new bike racks on Valencia right in front of Boogaloos at 22nd Street.  Now the hungover masses who mob the popular brunch spot every weekend will have ample room for their fixies.  Combine this with the 3-spot Parklet debuting this Friday in front of Revolution Cafe, stoner-fave Escape from New York Pizza, and Lolo’s; and it looks like 22nd street is slowly becoming the new cyclo-hipster hub of the Mission.  Take that Divisadero!

Silly Side Story:  As I was taking this photo, some burner-type zoomed past me on his bike yelling, “Welcome to San Francisco!  What are you, from Kentucky or something?  Go home tourist!”  Confused, I mounted my bike (which I had leaned against the stop light), caught up to him at around 21st street, and asked him what the problem seemed to be.  He tentatively replied, “Well, you were taking pictures . . . of the city.”  Good one buddy.

UPDATE!!! It looks like they’re putting these up all over Valencia in the spots where the Muni-26 bus stops used to be (good riddance).  I spotted another one by Herbivore, as well as this one in front of Freewheel:


Boogaloos: New Menus Means New Prices

Update: They Ruining the Boogaloo Building

The Maned Wolf: Gnarly! (from Kentucky!)

Freshly Painted Green Bike Lanes on Market Apparently Not Quite Enough

Missing: "Grease Lightning"

Hey guys: this is serious. If you find a bird that responds to the name “Grease Lightning” please let someone know. I’m not sure who, since this flyer doesn’t specify. Spotted at Boogaloos on 22nd and Valencia.

In case you haven’t been to every high school musical production in America at some point:

Edit: Better pic via local Olympian Shannon Rowbury‘s twitter. Wow she’s young, beautiful, can run faster than almost everyone in the world, AND she can take better pictures than me. What the hell am I good for? Don’t answer that question.