Missing: "Grease Lightning"

Hey guys: this is serious. If you find a bird that responds to the name “Grease Lightning” please let someone know. I’m not sure who, since this flyer doesn’t specify. Spotted at Boogaloos on 22nd and Valencia.

In case you haven’t been to every high school musical production in America at some point:

Edit: Better pic via local Olympian Shannon Rowbury‘s twitter. Wow she’s young, beautiful, can run faster than almost everyone in the world, AND she can take better pictures than me. What the hell am I good for? Don’t answer that question.

8 Responses to “Missing: "Grease Lightning"”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    You should just make sure people don’t actually call out “GreaseD Lightning” if they’re trying to get the bird to come to them.

  2. Sparkles says:

    My guess would be that an actual picture would probably be more useful than his name, but what do I know, I’m not a professional blogger. Or are you just having a giggle at the bird’s name, and not actually care about helping people find him? That seems a little bit tacky.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      You don’t think contact information is important to someone trying to make contact?

    • Vic Wong says:

      My first intuition was that the sign is fake, since it’s hilarious and it pretty much doesn’t offer any real information.

      But hey, I’m not that insensitive (or tacky). If anyone knows the owner of the bird post a comment and I’ll add it to the post.

      Also, lighten up.

    • jimbeam says:

      sparkles, quit being a chomo. there’s no way to give the bird back even if it exists and someone does find it.

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  4. MR says:

    Sparkles, I think you need some Grease Lightning…

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