Fire 1, Boogaloos 0

No, they’re not rennovating.  A small fire that started in the kitchen last night forced SFFD to arrive on the scene and hose down the popular brunch spot.  By morning a pile of rubbish had already been cleared outside, but the damage inside appeared to be minimal.  So don’t worry; by the time the weekend arrives, you should be able to wait 30 minutes for a table again!

UPDATE!!!  According to Mission Local, they opened at 9:30am this morning!

11 Responses to “Fire 1, Boogaloos 0”

  1. >>Fire 1, Boogaloos 0

    Shoulda been you, Juggalos.

  2. skeeellloooo says:

    Hopefully their MSG supply went up in smoke too. Why the hell anyone would want to eat there much less wait in line to, I’ll never understand.

    • Probably something to do with them having very tasty, reasonably cheap food.

    • Jule says:

      I will never get this one either. The food there is horrendously bad, with the supposed exception of the eggs benedict according to my friends who’ve ordered that. Everything I’ve gotten there is dry, overcooked, and underseasoned. I’ve yet to find a reasonably priced brunch place in the Mission that serves good food. Still depressed that Yat’s left the area and is planning on reopening in Bayview.

    • ticklemepinko says:

      It’s definitely a classic Mission Mystery. I do think it’s hyperbole to say their food is horrendously bad, and one might even call it good of a sort. But it’s definitely not extraordinary, which really does make it strange how the sheep line up for it. Some “wait” places really deserve the hype and, although I am loathe to wait for anything, are worth the wait on occasion. I am thinking of Brenda’s in the TL, for example. Or even Dottie’s. Maaaaaybe Chloe’s, and possibly Zazie. And definitely Kate’s Kitchen.

      But Bugaloo’s? It’s big, greasy portions for pretty cheap prices, but so what? You can get that at All You Knead and you won’t ever wait for a table.

      It is true that the Mission is hard up for breakfast / brunch joints (and didn’t Ramblas just close?). My vote is for Mission Beach. I know the whyners will say it’s not “reasonable” but it’s really not that bad. I’d rather pay the extra $5 than wait in line to eat spuds swimming in sour cream.

      Beretta is also good, and they have great drinks, and it’s pretty reasonable, too (the whyners will say different).

      My theory is that people wait in line at Boogaloo’s because it’s the place to see and be seen. I think some people actually enjoy the whole process of standing in line and making sure the passers-by check them out, etc.

  3. skeeellloooo says:

    Does Weird Fish still do brunch? That was some good brunch.

  4. rireli says:

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