'Litter Making Your [sic] Crazy?' Dolores Park Community Meeting Tomorrow

Do you want to protect your right to throw an alcoholic energy drink themed flash dance party in the park without being hassled by the po-po? Who doesn’t?

Well now is your chance to be heard in front of the people that make these decisions:

Dolores Park Works has organized a community meeting to discuss safety, law enforcement and 19th & Dolores has been set. The big day is just two days away, Wednesday, September 1st, from 6:00-8:00, at Mission High School cafeteria, which is located across from the tennis courts in Dolores Park (entrance to cafeteria off of Dolores & 18th).

We will be covering:

  • 19th & Dolores pedestrian safety & proposed changes
  • Park patron safety and law enforcement

Get to work folks, you have about 30 hours to formulate a convincing argument about how we live in a police state and that NIMBYs are harshing your mellow, man. See you there!

More info at DPW, thanks to Andy B. for the gentle reminder

34 Responses to “'Litter Making Your [sic] Crazy?' Dolores Park Community Meeting Tomorrow”

  1. Litter making your crazy what?

  2. Bad grammar making my crazy!

  3. Deano says:

    I so wish I had film footage of Dolores Park circa 1991 when it was home to crappy brown Mota, junkies shooting up on the western trail, and gangs doing nothing but intimidating anyone who wanted to hang out. Is that what neighbors want back? Really? Insane.

  4. dm says:

    i think its been said over and over again, but everyone should be able to enjoy the park. but the people who use it should treat it like live across the street from it.

    i moved to the corner of church and 19th about 3.5 years ago because of its proximity to the park. it has definitely changed in just the short time ive been living there. a dude just got stabbed nearly to death by a dozen hooligans a couple weeks ago on the bridge. people picnic all day long and then schlep all there shit to the corner of church and 19th to wait for their friend to bring the car around. they throw the cooler in the car and usually leave of nice pile of cans and trash on the corner. there’s no trash can there, guess they just figure someone will come by and clean it up.

    the creepiness has increased as well. there are a bunch of dudes who sit on the sidewalk west of the train track for hours and just watch women drop their pants to take a piss in the bushes. its like a free show all day long for these guys.

    then there are all the cars that park in our driveway for 5-50 minutes to either go sling some drugs or pick some up across the bridge.

    or the time i opened my front door to find a girl pissing on the doorstep.

    what pisses me off the most though is how about 90% of the people that visit the park on the weekend completely blow the stop sign on church and 19th. a couple months ago i saw an old man start to cross the street to go into the park with his dog. some genius completely ran the sign and the man jumped out of the way but his dog was killed on impact.

    total rant here, sorry. maybe this is just san Francisco stuff and not specific to DP. im really not a pretentious prick who thinks this is my park because i live across from it. it just pisses me off how disrespectful a lot of people can be when they dont have to deal with the results of their asshattery.

    i should write a book about all the crap i see on church and 19th.

    • EH says:

      My pet peeve is people making the left from 19th onto Church. I hear you about the crosswalk there, that whole intersection needs to be reworked. Maybe a light.

  5. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Oh yee self-entitled/absorbed/ish hipsters who are to the cause what Snooky is to the Garden State…

    A kiss my ass is just a kiss my ass, a sigh is just a sigh, but we’ll always have the high desert.

  6. marco says:

    look at the grass — it’s all cigarette butts now.

  7. The Kid says:

    Why is noone bringing up all of the permanent vendors coming into the park. This is not Golden Gate Park. We are a community park that happened to get popular. I don’t want Blue Bottle or any other establishment in my park. I like the grass roots feel of keeping things simple. There are many ways to make money for the parks and recreation other than trashing our park and neighborhood with more vendors. There are 9 local businesses within a blocks range to provide our food and drink needs. Again, why is this not being addresses….and why was La Cocina and Blue Bottle the only businesses considered for this venture on a separate note?

    • bob says:

      You lost me with “grass roots”
      Everything in this town is artisanal, locally produced, sustainable, organic, and grass roots.
      Enough kumbaya handholding be-ins.
      Seriously. If I hear one more lecture on community, I’m going to lose it.

      • The Kid says:

        For Bob, you are spoiled and obviously have never owned a local business. Blue Bottle is a nationwide coffee company. They are no longer a “grass roots” business and if you think for one second it does not greatly affect the local businesses in the area that have given Dolores Park the charm and popularity it is now known for you obviously don’t live in our neighborhood. Did you attend the 18th fair this weekend. Every single penny raised is being given back to the local community. That’s called grass roots and giving back.

      • ticklemepinko says:

        But Blue Bottle is still a good company, and still locally owned. They have expanded by linking up with like-minded roasters and cafes across the country. This is not the same as, say, a McDonald’s franchise. They hold true to their original ethics of micro-roasting and using fair or direct trade organic shade grown coffee.

        Theirs is a case where I actually applaud the national expansion. What they’ve done is create a network of like-minded coffee people who share their ethics. It’s not like they are now getting their beans on the cheap and shipping them all over the country out of some centralized warehouse. If I lived in Indiana, I’d be pretty grateful that a local coffee house was linking itself with Blue Bottle and learning from their experience and knowledge.

        At the end of the day, Blue Bottle is a local company, the owners live in Oakland and are good people.

    • the b bunny says:

      There is a meeting this Thursday , September 16th @ 4 pm in room 416.
      I encourage you to come speak your mind… No one knew about this and they passed it through the back door. The community should fight back against vendors permanently in the park!

  8. bob says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Thanks.
    Do you by chance drive a prius too?

  9. The Kid says:

    Love being chastised for being successful and philanthropic! We are so entitled in San Francisco aren’t. You probably bitch about not having an outlet for your computer and free coffee refills as well!

  10. The Kid says:

    I agree with your comments about Blue Bottle being local. I know the owner as well and think he’s swell. Blue bottle is coming into a community where there are already 5 coffee houses within two blocks. These are small business owners that rely on their coffee income at the end of the day. It takes an enormous amount of money and compliances to keep a successful business running. Dolores Park is not Golden Gate Park. A company like Blue Bottle will take away an enormous portion of business from the small local businesses on the block. At the end of the day it’s about making money and profits. Not patting your fellow comrade on the back because you started in the same city. It’s the American way of greed. And yes, Blue bottle is becoming a franchise in many ways, the Whole Foods of coffee. There are plenty of other coffee roasters in the city with the exact same concepts of being home grown. The key is which companies are about squashing their fellow businesses or creating profits in communities that actually need it. Dolores Park does not need another coffee company.

    • Joe says:

      I agree. We should definitely limit competition so that business owners will not be forced to improve their product/service offering or lower their prices.
      We should also limit the necessity of decision making for consumers since it’s just too hard for me to make my own mind up about where I should spend my money.
      I wonder if the Kid could provide a list of pre-approved retailers who should be promoted over possible competitors?

      • The Kid says:

        Pre-approved retailers? Blue Bottle was the only pre approved retailer that was part of the selection project so I am confused. Who would I like to see in the park other than yet another coffee business who employs al white people except the mexican dishwashers?
        Samovar? Dynamo Donuts? SandBox Bakery? Empanadas? Hot dogs? I don’t know. I could names hundreds of ideas and businesses rather than blue bottle. We are all not die hard fans of this coffee cult

    • ticklemepinko says:

      But Blue Bottle is a superior product to Dolores Park Cafe, Morning Due, or anything around the park. I actually feel better buying Blue Bottle because I know it’s ethically produced. Morning Due et al sell crapola coffee picked under god knows what conditions and it doesn’t taste good or wake me up. People will buy Blue Bottle becuase it is better. I think it’s silly to say we don’t deserve to buy a better cup of coffee so some other cafes can stay in business.

      • The Kid says:

        Hey Phil, is that you? So glad to see SF Politics at work!

      • ticklemepinko says:

        Look, Morning Due and Dolores Park Cafe can’t help it that they came in during a time when the focus was on the coffee house instead of the coffee. Sponge painted walls … neato! Half-caf double whip chip pouf frouf caramel machiato choca latte ya ya! Yummy hummy hummus wrap with sprouts and curried yogurt double doodle dip!

        And you know, there will always continue to be people who want the neato decor, the caramel vanilla goo explosions, and food. So I don’t think Blue Bottle coming in to offer a simple, good cup of coffee is going to hurt those cafe’s business. For those cafes, coffee is an afterthought. But that’s okay because that’s what some people want. Since the Blue Bottle kiosk doesn’t have vanilla triple drip dream flip or sprout burgers sunflower seed rolls with miso ginger soy dippalotta doodie sauce, I think Morning Due and Dolores Cafe will stay in business.

      • Dolores Neighbor says:

        Tartines and Dolores Park Cafe have an enormous coffee business and I believe serve Four Barrel Coffee genius. Four Barrel rivals Blue bottle if not better in my opinion without the snotty barista attitude you get a Blue Bottel. Blue Bottel is a good coffee and so is Dolores Park Cafe, Tartines and Fayes Video. You obviously either work for Blue Bottle or jerk off to their coffee often :)

      • Fartface says:

        Have you ever been in these places. I live by Morning Due and its totally renovated and the peeps there are cool. Dolores Park Cafe is totally modern inside with cool local artwork, bamboo long tables. Dude, don’t trash places you have never been to. Blue bottle coffee is comparable to Ritual, 4 Barrell, Sightglass, …..not better, not worse. The only thing I can say is the larger they seem to become the less it seems they are about quality and consistency. I frequent all of these businesses.

  11. Your fucking dad says:

    You are all children.

  12. no.thanks. says:

    I went. Pardon me, I think I saw maybe three or four other young people. No bitching is allowed if you didnt go and TRY to put your opinion out there.

  13. The Kid says:

    Hey Ticklemepinlo, I mean Phil, is that you? So glad to see SF Politics at work!

  14. The Kid says:

    Im sorry, My Bad, I meant Nick! Great to see honest politics in SF!

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