3D City: The Birdmen of 16th Street

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

San Francisco’s “Swan” (or sometimes “Birdman”) can most often be found feeding the pigeons at 16th and Mission. Where he’s been hanging out and selling his daily newsletter’s for the last decade. Though he’s usually by himself, there’s been another dude that’s been joining him for about an hour a day to feed the pigeons. The two don’t talk much to each other, in fact I don’t think they even know each other’s names, though you can find them sitting by each other around noon at the 16th st BART.

If you see Swan, please consider donating a couple bucks for his most recent newsletter (or “rag” as he calls it), which features his own drawings, poetry, and ramblings.

[Most of these photos were taken on my old Nimslo 3D camera with Ilford HP5 film except for the wide shot above, which was done on my Lumix 3D1] More shots after the bump.



Gutter Comix For Losers

Senor Hair sent us a link to 16th and Mission Comix this morning. I checked out their site and was intrigued.  Here’s their mission (ha!) statement:

16th and Mission Comix (that’s right, gutter comix for you losers) is originally the project of the talented Cameron Forsley. He’s collected a few of us meager artists that knew him back in the day to make some comix. Drawing inspiration from the scene around us, making comix about life, about cities, about big business, brick buildings and hookers. The perfect reading material while you’re waiting for that bus that always smells like booze, where that stringy haired toothless guy takes a nap on the bench next to you and those damn pigeons are all trying to drop atomic crap bombs across your face

Just the current issue is available online, but Hair tells us Mission Comics and Art is carrying the first three.   I started reading the issue #1 online, and there’s totally a Biggie  cameo, nbd.  Check it out.