Gutter Comix For Losers

Senor Hair sent us a link to 16th and Mission Comix this morning. I checked out their site and was intrigued.  Here’s their mission (ha!) statement:

16th and Mission Comix (that’s right, gutter comix for you losers) is originally the project of the talented Cameron Forsley. He’s collected a few of us meager artists that knew him back in the day to make some comix. Drawing inspiration from the scene around us, making comix about life, about cities, about big business, brick buildings and hookers. The perfect reading material while you’re waiting for that bus that always smells like booze, where that stringy haired toothless guy takes a nap on the bench next to you and those damn pigeons are all trying to drop atomic crap bombs across your face

Just the current issue is available online, but Hair tells us Mission Comics and Art is carrying the first three.   I started reading the issue #1 online, and there’s totally a Biggie  cameo, nbd.  Check it out.

7 Responses to “Gutter Comix For Losers”

  1. Leef Smith says:

    Yup, definitely have copies of 16th and Mission Comix available. And come by tomorrow 5-8pm, and they and everything in the store is 15% off. Plus a couple fat 50% off boxes of books too. Part of the whole Mission Holiday Block Party whoop.

  2. jason storm says:

    not nearly as good as the “mission mini comix” series my friends used to sell on street corners for dope money. still pretty cool though.

  3. Mike says:

    Way cool – it is great to learn about both this and the recent SF Panorama publication within the same week -

    DIY, meet hyperlocal.


    - Mike

  4. Check out the comic! Issue 4 is in the works, and its going into more and more stores. Some authentic urban culture from the Mission!

  5. Lem says:

    Cameron Forsley is the greatest living artist. 16th and mission comix ( is his baby, and its a masterful creation. Very entertaining! Also available at Bound Together Books (1369 Haight Street), Needles and Pens (3253 16th St), Neon Monster (901 Castro Street), a few other stores and the corner of 16th & Mission every Thursday starting @ 9p (for poet night).

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Yeah, I have some of his stuff that has a fairy tale like quality, but the line work and the overall feel really makes it great. Got it at APE Con a couple of years ago. Hung on to it because I knew I’d be looking for more of his stuff in the future.