Two Popular Characters I'd Like to Beat Senseless

Piñatas!  Mission and 22ndish.

10 Responses to “Two Popular Characters I'd Like to Beat Senseless”

  1. no.thanks. says:

    dont hate, the poor dont have good taste. its a fact.

  2. LINDYLULA says:

    I think “no.thanks.” would make a splendid piñata- completely tasteless.

  3. chalkman says:

    it’s always fun to watch small children crying in Dolores Park as they watch their older siblings beat pinata Barney or SpongeBob to death….

  4. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Dammit! I knew I should have prepared the the graphics for those Cafepress “Hit me! I’m full of delicious candy!” t-shirts before Xmas!

  5. SlideSF says:

    Do you mean beat them senseless? Because there is sense in beating on a pinata. They got candy inside!

  6. phlavor says:

    I was treated to a surprise liquid brunch at a friends house at Florida and 21st a couple of years back and deep into the drinks someone came back from an ice run with a Bratz piñata. So there we were at noon on a Sunday, completely hammered, blindfolded, swinging away at a little blond girl suspended over the sidewalk. We were given a WIDE berth by people walking by.

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