3D City: The Birdmen of 16th Street

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

San Francisco’s “Swan” (or sometimes “Birdman”) can most often be found feeding the pigeons at 16th and Mission. Where he’s been hanging out and selling his daily newsletter’s for the last decade. Though he’s usually by himself, there’s been another dude that’s been joining him for about an hour a day to feed the pigeons. The two don’t talk much to each other, in fact I don’t think they even know each other’s names, though you can find them sitting by each other around noon at the 16th st BART.

If you see Swan, please consider donating a couple bucks for his most recent newsletter (or “rag” as he calls it), which features his own drawings, poetry, and ramblings.

[Most of these photos were taken on my old Nimslo 3D camera with Ilford HP5 film except for the wide shot above, which was done on my Lumix 3D1] More shots after the bump.

3 Responses to “3D City: The Birdmen of 16th Street”

  1. TinyTim says:

    This is not funny. “There are dozens of reasons why, but mainly: feeding pigeons harms our neighborhoods and also harms the birds.
    Large population of pigeons is a health hazard.
    Our huge feral pigeon population is a health hazard and creates many problems in the city. Pigeon droppings dirty public spaces, do costly damage to buildings, and can spread life-threatening diseases, especially to the elderly and immune-deficient. Their nesting materials block drains and harbor parasites like bird mites. Pigeon food makes a mess and attracts rats.
    Feeding pigeons promotes overbreeding.
    Pigeon feeding produces overbreeding. Pigeons normally breed two or three times a year, producing two eggs per brood. Overfed city pigeons can breed up to eight times a year.
    Pigeons are harmed when fed.
    When you feed pigeons, you are not doing them a favor. They lose their natural ability to scavenge and survive on their own. Pigeon over population leads to overcrowded, unsanitary conditions and produces sick and injured birds. A smaller flock is healthier and does less damage.
    It is illegal.
    It’s against the law to feed pigeons on the streets or sidewalks of San Francisco (Sec. 486. M.P.C). Violators may be cited and fined.
    You may report pigeon feeders to the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-0123, or by calling 3-1-1.
    Please join in on the efforts to keep San Francisco clean and beautiful by NOT feeding the pigeons.”

  2. Oyster Boy says:

    I’m sure the dude is reading this. Your statement is really unfair to rats. Who will feed the rats??? Why can’t our furry little friends come out and play? Because they are OPPRESSED!