Save some animals, drink some cocktails

Party at the SPCA this Friday evening! Here’s the deal:

Join us for a party to toast the growth of San Francisco SPCA’s lifesaving adoption program in our newly remodeled space in the heart of the Mission. The new adoption center features an indoor dog park, San Francisco-themed cat condos, interactive technology designed to better help you meet your perfect pet, and more.

Why did we need a remodel? To expand our capacity and help more than 6,000 animals find loving homes each year. Come for cocktails at the hosted bar, food trucks, music, and to find your new best friend!

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One Response to “Save some animals, drink some cocktails”

  1. TinyTim says:

    First you need to fund with the vast incomes of many Mission/Sf residents a spray/neuter program like:

    Otherwise it looks like passively, rescue pet availability is perpetuated by lack of these services, so that people can accumulate more and more pets.