Mission Comics trying out graphic novel ‘rentals’

This could be cool: Mission Comics is offering credit for your used graphic novels in a new rental program. After all, who can afford to purchase 6 massive volumes of Akira just to find out you still don’t know what the fuck it’s about?

I would participate, but I keep all my comics in double-polybags with non-acidic backing boards in a humidity-controlled vault, so “reading them” is not really an option.

Get the details over at Mission Comics.

4 Responses to “Mission Comics trying out graphic novel ‘rentals’”

  1. N A says:

    Nerd alert.

  2. SFOG says:

    Yeah Man! Never read your comics it will leave eye tracks and they won’t be mint. I was shocked that you only use one bag.

  3. diethylether says:

    SF Public Library also has a pretty good selection of graphic novels that one might consider checking out.

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