San Francisco Love

Check out this music video that the youth media producers at BAYCAT (where I work) made this summer, shot in Dolores Park. These native San Franciscan producers (10-13 years old) wrote and produced the song with amazing Bay Area producer Trackademicks and shot the video with DP Laura Valladao. The video is part of the 24th installment of their youth-produced show, Zoom In. The theme for this one is “Only in SF”.

You might have heard that they had all of their laptops stolen a couple weeks ago, along with a lot of their work. We have an Indigogo campaign going to replace their equipment, and have been really touched with the support. They came back together and re-did the lost work, look for more of it rolling out over the net few weeks on the BAYCAT YouTube channel.

11 Responses to “San Francisco Love”

  1. friend says:


  2. Matthew says:

    Fuckin’ hipsters.

  3. timbo says:

    Being sure to wear a flower in their hair is a nice touch.

  4. This is the most fantastic form of poetry I have ever seen…….

  5. kyle says:

    Proud fare evaders.

  6. Art says:

    Best post on MissionMission in months

  7. manymachines says:

    Yikes, I hadn’t heard about the breakin.

  8. mike says:


  9. cop says:

    this song’s production is gross! i thought for sure the youth had better musical editing skillz than that.

  10. Jam says:

    Nice! what kind of camera? just curious.