The 26 Valencia rides again!


And lest you assume this to be an old photo, check out the marquee for Warhorse on the side panel (Aug 2 to Sept 9). Of course, this may also just be another ghost bus sighting. Spooky!

7 Responses to “The 26 Valencia rides again!”

  1. trixrforkids says:

    muni is trying to gaslight mission district dwellers.

  2. 26 forever says:

    They should get rid of rhe twitter bus (instead of having it hemorage money for far too long like the culture bus) and bring back the 26 (especially with no buses on mission)

  3. vis says:

    I miss you 26…
    May you return to Valencia – only to stay behind my bike – and get me to zeitgeist when my thighs hurt.

  4. Hehe. I guess there’s really no purpose for the 26 anymore. But I miss it I’ve Had some great times on it but not enough for me to protest and fight to save it.

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  5. Rhiannon says:

    Oh man. Last night around 12:15, I saw a 12 roll northbound on mission. We all just watched it go by. But it begs the question,how hard would it be to hack the signs on the front to say “Twilight Zone” instead of “out of service” or “training coach”?