We Are Special Forces (2006)

Check out this blast from the recent past. Calling All Monsters are sadly no longer with us, but their music video for “We Are Special Forces” is.

Lead singer Matthew Troy (formerly of local band Track Star and current co-owner of local shop Faye’s Video) and I lived in an apartment on Guerrero near 18th and the basement (which had some interesting history that I’ll save for a later post) served as the location for this video about the real band breaking up a party with an imposter band.

Who knows, you may recognize some of your friends at this party.  Plus, watch me get shot in the head while shredding on guitar.

Directed by Akira Boch and Francisco Hernandez.

3 Responses to “We Are Special Forces (2006)”

  1. The Tens says:

    I love Calling All Monsters. I think I interviewed Matthew and the gang at what was probably your house a few years ago. Tell Matthew I need some tips for the track.

  2. MATTHEW says:

    HEY.. its Matthew… THE TENS, what tips for the track are you looking for?