Dia de los Muertos set to Girls

I thought it was really lame how there were more white people with cameras than actual participants at this year’s Dia de los Muertos celebration, but this video kinda makes up for it.

God Damned By GIRLS

San Francisco band Girls was on the front page of Pitchfork again this morning (sorry dudes, I read Pitchfork), which led me to spend the last hour at work watching Girls music videos.  Oops!

Unsurprisingly, most of them feature SF scenery.  Here’s one I came across today that I hadn’t seen before – starring Dolores Park:

Not my favorite song (“Lust for Life” is!), but still not bad.

These dudes are getting crazy famous, so see them at the Swedish American Hall on November 20th or Bottom of the Hill on November 21st before they start playing bigger venues.  Awesome.