Jewish vs. Goyish

I’m Jewish by birth, but I’ve never been completely sure what that means. I found this new video from our buddy Dan Wolf and the JCCSF’s 3200 Stories featuring Josh Healey to be pretty helpful and hilarious:

Happy almost Hanukkah!

2 Responses to “Jewish vs. Goyish”

  1. Jaime says:

    I’m not a Jew, I’m Jew-ish.
    -Fat Mike

  2. Saul Minimum says:

    A word used by some Jews to refer to the things of the Gentiles (non-Jews), whether ideas or cultural manifestations, etc. The word can have derogatory connotations, such as the word “black” when used to refer to a persons of African descent. It can be neutral or negative depending on the context and the intent of the speaker.