Tyme’s process

Street artist Tyme sent us this cool timelapse of him putting a piece up on a streetside door.

A new take on a familiar point of view

Saturday afternoon neighborhood paste-up round up

A depiction of how you’ll end up.

A friend from South America, just hanging out, thinking about how great Ronaldinho is.

Finally, a classic cool kid, delightfully/annoyingly mismatched.

Quasi pictorial dialogue on life+death v. text+image

I’m not sure where we are in this, but the conversation intrigues me. Partly because it illustrates two different ways to create image using text.

Found on the other side of Market Street, on the wall of the former Go Getter’s Market.

'Yes On Prop 19'ers Fight Opposition With Mockery, Wheatpaste

Look, it’s a couple of local stoners proving that marijuana use does not negatively impact their productivity or motivation.

Vimeo link.