From One Day in SF

On April 26th over a hundred local filmmakers took their cameras to the streets to document life in San Francisco over a 24 hour period. It was part of a new doc series from the people who made the feature length documentary One Day on Earth. One Day in SF was produced by local filmmaker Winnie Wong, and on the same day filmmakers in ten other cities around the US were participating simultaneously. I was out there with the BAYCAT crew, interviewing people in front of the Roxie and at The Secret Alley. The One Day on Earth team is putting all the pieces together for a 3-part documentary series that we’ll be hearing more about later in the year. You can see the locations of everyone’s videos and watch them on the interactive map, and I’ve included some selections below, mostly Mission-based.

Riding along with an ambulance for the night. Great night shots, and nice profiles of the EMTs:

Kind of has a perfect opening line:

A concert in a backyard on Capp Street:

Interview with the founder of the Bicycle Film Festival.

Handy Muni tips:

Pondering some of the many facets of the current states of art and culture in SF:

Lastly, an interview I did with my friend Antonio Elmo Mims, on 31 years in Bayview Hunters Point and why he’s running for Mayor of San Francisco:

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  1. GoodForYou says:

    “Filmmakers” is a loose term here.

    Nice MUNI tip, don’t pay -.-

  2. I live in Sunnydale housing and it’s starting to look like a GETTO with all the abandoned broke down and stolen cars in our parking lots, I have complained to Supervisor Malia Cohen, but no response, I completed to parking enforcement last year, no action taken, we are good people that live here, PLEASE HELP US CLEAN UP SUNNYDALE. ….