I know everyone’s already planning on getting real evil tonight, what with the full moon and Friday the 13th super fun combo and everything, but be sure to save some of that sin for tomorrow. And please, for the love of god, watch out for werewolves wearing hockey masks.

You’ve been warned.

3 Responses to “SMITHSFITS Saturday!”

  1. GrizzledMission says:

    I remember being excited about this, then disappointed, but my recall is hazy. Is it a band playing Smiths and Misfits covers, or songs of one in the style of the other (exciting), or a DJ pressing a button and making a Smiths or Misfits song come out of the speakers (disappointing)?

    • final option, but what you found disappointing i find considerably awesome! smiths and misfits songs go so well together!

    • sooooooo van ness says:

      records don’t require buttons, unless you are referring to a cue? Anyways I will make sure to let smithsfits HQ know that people now require clowns, fire eaters, food trucks, people selling sloth things, chili being made out back, something with a square cube of ice and perhaps a unicyclist doing donuts in order of giving the event some real wow factor…then maybe you won’t be so disappointed about an event that you probably got dragged to in the first place.