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By Vice Records.

The Old Mint is looking for spooky people


From the posting on Craigslist, which has been removed:

The HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORRORS is San Francisco’s first-ever Haunted House/Halloween Attraction at the city’s very own historic and national landmark: The Old Mint! For 6 nights, October 26th until Halloween Night, October 31st, the Old Mint will be transformed into 25 chambers of terror with everything from horror mazes, scare-cams, thrilling live shows, a killer-costume fashion show, and even a bar and lounge for the over 21 crowd.

Check out our website:

This Saturday October 19th & Sunday October 20th

Brain Eaters
And many more . . . .

WHEN: October 25th – October 31st
6 hour shifts

COMPENSATION: $400 for all 6 days, or $60 per day
2 comp tix
Good times and merriment
Costumes & Makeup Provided

Dr. Taco

Prescribed me a burrito.

What did you do for Halloween?

24th Street was full of trick-or-treaters getting more candy from businesses like El Farolito than residences, a nice community touch.  Dance parties were happening at various spots, but most people seemed too tuckered out from a wild weekend of Halloween festivities to commit to going out on the actual holiday.  At least these kids had plans to make the most of things!

By comparison, Wednesday’s Dia de los Muertos celebration drew pretty much the entire neighborhood, both long-term locals and hipsters alike, the aroma of incense wafting through the air as 24th thronged with revelers (much like the overpass to the Port of Oakland) despite the supposedly somber mood of the festival.  It’s no secret which day means more to the Mission, for now at least.

How did your Halloween (week) go?

[Photo by deanv41]

Spooky bear

He's Just Not Sure About You

What do you think this bear’s costume is? Spy vs Spy? Alec Baldwin from Beetlejuice? Some kind of fetishist? A bird?

Window display at Borderlands.

Spidey Calls It Quits

Who can afford to fight crime in this economy?

[snapped on 20th and Valencia]

P.S. Gwen Stacy or Mary-Jane Watson? I say Mary-Jane. Readheads all the way.

Did You Make Out With Slimer This Weekend?

Tumblr’er extraordinaire YMFY asks the internet:

If you were the girl dressed up as Groucho Marx Saturday night and you made out with Slimer from Ghostbusters, send me a message. Didn’t even catch your name. You’re new from Portland. I have no shame.

There must have been some serious chemistry there if they were able to collectively get over the gender-bending and general repulsiveness of Slimer. I personally try to avoid making out with ghosts. Ectoplasm stains don’t wash out.

Surely someone knows the mystery Marx sister? Help a bro out.


Nattles found another dude who fell for “Groucha” Marx on craigslist. This guy didn’t get as far as making out, though. You go Groucha!

Halloween Begins At The Secret Alley

The little rats in The Secret Alley have been madly scurrying about to prepare for two amazing weekends of Halloween. Up first – tonight! – musicians will play some amazingly creepy music for you. Tomorrow (Sat.) we will scare the old fashioned pants off of you with some 16mm monster movies from a time gone by.

Both nights you will enter through our recently haunted laboratory lobby, and try to shield your eye, yet remain transfixed on the wondrously strange art that hangs from the walls. Surprises are in store. Come see for yourself.

Halloween Recap

Since I’ve never seen a trick or treater on Capp before, I rolled over to Fair Oaks, which apparently is the sugary hotspot of the Mission.  I learned a few interesting things that night: 1) there are way more kids in the Mission than I thought and 2) I didn’t know I could eat 10 Reeses peanut butter cups in a sitting.

Most importantly, this kid’s sandwich costume might be the most badass thing I’ve ever seen.


Even wearing Converse kicks.  It’s like the Mission Taco met Mr. Pickles.

More Mission Halloween after the jump.


Thriftown Is Packed To The Back

Thriftown on Halloween
You people are apparently going to dress up tonight. How long can I wait to decide what I’m going to be?

And where’s the party, anyway?