Dr. Taco

Prescribed me a burrito.

This bus loves Pancho Villa

Because A) this bus has taste and knows what Flavor is and why it still matters no matter what you think; B) said flavor is the flavor of toungey white lady skinny dipping in the salsa; and C) it was founded by Ron Swanson’s great great grandpappy. Maybe.

San Pancho Villa de Don Juan Swanson’s

Local comic Chris Garcia made this astute observation via Twitter:

Pancho Villa aka Juan Swanson

Local taqueria Pancho Villa’s bust of Pancho Villa resembles a certain character on NBC’s Parks and Rec, seen below, in an official character photo.

Ron Swanson

Local taqueria has a gender bias against females

“Fresh ingredients, no MSG or lard, no preservatives, no bull?” Are you saying you only serve the meat of female cows here? What kind of establishment flat out admits they not only just serve lady cows, but proudly displays it on their menu?! For shame. You’ll be hearing from my something or other about this atrocity.

But in all seriousness, their bro-less cow dishes taste really good. Just sayin’.