Diet Coke doesn’t need a comments section to troll San Francisco techies

These Diet Coke ads have recently popped up around town.

New ads on pay phones seem to mock . . . something. But maybe the tone is what you bring to it. Maybe they’re meaning to celebrate a lifestyle or demographic that they’ve identified on some fancy charts as primed for targeting.

You’re in San Francisco, you took some crazy risks, the whole world is in your hands, put the world down for a moment and pick up a can of soda.

Or maybe they’re trying to get us to write and talk about it. So here we are. In that vein, I’d like to remind you that drinking Diet Coke is probably horrible for your body. You’d be better off drinking a glass of water. Also, water isn’t specifically messing with my head to get me to write all this right now.

We Built This City wondered if they were real, “I’d say that I hope these ads are a joke or art piece, but they probably aren’t. I mean, seriously? Seriously?”

If they are real, and not just a new effort from the BLF, I’m kind of baffled by what they mean. You could swap out their brand with anything else, nothing about it seems to imply that you need Diet Coke, but I guess that’s just lifestyle advertising.

This bus loves Pancho Villa

Because A) this bus has taste and knows what Flavor is and why it still matters no matter what you think; B) said flavor is the flavor of toungey white lady skinny dipping in the salsa; and C) it was founded by Ron Swanson’s great great grandpappy. Maybe.

Blue Special Competes With Yellow

Blue Special

The Salvadoreño Market.

Little Otsu's Yellow Special

Little Otsu.

Which is more appealing? Personally, I think the blue one is the better deal.

Local New York Times Ampersand Campaign!


From Rachel:

New sorta bay area centric nyt ads in the Bart. There were a bunch, that said “& Guggenheim, & d’orsay, & Avignon, & obama.”  and the mish?

& The Mission!  The New York Times is all over 24th St. BART like white on rice (or white on this blog!).  Perhaps it’s partly to remind us of their new Bay Area blog.

Semi-Pro and Kaiser Permanente Billboards Combine To Form Will Ferrell/Little Girl Hybrid

semi-permanente, originally uploaded by allanhough.

New meme? Link to official Semi-Pro site. Link to Kaiser Permanente.