Mopeds Are Stupid?


Any moped heads out there want to defend your lifestyle? Link.

23 Responses to “Mopeds Are Stupid?”

  1. Keane says:


    But Converses and skinny jeans will always be hot.

  2. Omid says:

    Even Parisians think mopeds are for pussies.

    • TomTom says:

      From a Parisian, we will never think mopeds are for pussies.
      Riding an old moped creates a small smile on people around you and makes contact easier. Iv never heard about any pollution problem or worst, about looking stupid on a poper vintage moped.

      for the Moped Family…

  3. johnny0 says:

    Mopeds are also environmental nightmares with particulate emissions worse than cars. (Ever been to Bangkok?)

    In a study at the University of Denmark, mopeds were found to contribute more to Denmark’s pollution than typical cars. The results show that two-wheelers emit high amounts of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

    Particulate matter expelled by two-stroke engines is pretty bad. This is why California is looking to regulate lawnmowers, and I bet mopeds aren’t far behind.

    AND they look stupid. (But not as stupid as those razor push scooters…)

  4. johnmontey says:

    Really, an SUV on two-wheels.

  5. I might be more accepting if I hadn’t witnessed about 500 of them swarming 16th St a month or two ago. It was like Critical Mass, but even dumber, and with 11-year-olds from outside Stockton.

  6. Derek says:

    That was a yearly meet up which happened to be in San Francisco. WAH I know your job on the internet is to bitch about things all day troymcclure, so I’ll let you continue.

  7. burritojustice says:

    I suspect moped is the primary method of transport to Medjool. Ban them and we our rooftop back!

  8. WAH I know your job on the internet is to bitch about things all day troymcclure, so I’ll let you continue.


  9. Steve says:

    What makes them stupid, exactly? Is it that you can park them anywhere, including the sidewalk, or that you can filter through gridlock laughing at people who paid a hundred times more for their ride and are gonna sit there for hours? Or, is it that their owners all know how to fix them themselves, so if something goes wrong, they don’t have to sit on the side of the road and beg someone to come tow their incredibly complicated piece of German engineering to the shop for a thousand dollar visit?

    OR, are you just bitching about them because you had to wait a few minutes ONE TIME while a bunch of them blew a light on a group ride?

  10. Mopeds are for Bros who don't ride around in cars only because of parking difficulty says:

    a lot of them probably have cars still though..

    but OMG! I am SO FUCKING EXCITED to see that everyone else hates them too!

    And the pedals on those things are a lie! No one pedals around on them. Go back to Florida assholes. Or Medjool.

    “Really, an SUV on two-wheels.” -AWESOME!!

  11. whir says:

    The thing that’s annoying about the ones constantly buzzing around the Mission is that they are TOO FUCKING LOUD. That’s it, seriously, I wouldn’t have a problem with them otherwise. I’m in favor of using less gas than a car and being easier on the urban environment in terms of parking and so on. But put a fucking muffler on those things already!

  12. mcas says:


    Are you sure you aren’t talking about REAL bikes, except we don’t have to pay gas or make a ton of annoying noise?

    You dress like bike kids (Chrome Bags, tight jeans, etc.) … but you all are just lazy.

    Turf war: Cyclists or PEDophiles…?

  13. Steve says:

    @mcas: Sorry, but I don’t play the “REAL” bikes game. My rides include a modern sport-touring motorcycle, a vintage BMW, several vintage scooters, a moped, and a bicycle. I ride them all regularly, and there’s pride in every one of them.

    Are you seriously trying to call turf on the “bike kid” look? Uh that’s ok, dude. You can have it. Those tiny hats aren’t really my style anyway.

    Your attitude is disappointing though. In this city, ALL of us on two wheels should be respecting and watching out for each other. It takes the same amount of balls to hit these streets on a moped as it does on a fixie and I got mad respect for ANYONE who can hang with all the caged idiots driving around here.

    After reading this, though, maybe I’ll think twice next time before I use my annoying motorcycle to block two lanes of traffic so Critical Mass can make a safe turn.

  14. Tad Benton says:

    I used to ride a moped back in, oh, 2003. It was fun. Even picked up a DUI on it. They’re a huge pain the butt maintenance-wise, and yeah, not much better than a bike when it comes down to it. I was never much for joining clubs, either, and didn’t like pestering from the moped kids to do so. Now it’s just sort of rotting away in my backyard. Can’t bring myself to sell it, can’t be bothered to ride it. That said, having a girl on your back is delightful and people will smile.

  15. tofutart says:

    Mopeds ARE cool and nostalgic, and a viable low-cost transportation option. However, they should be required to install more thorough muffler systems; as they are currently a clear violation of San Francisco vehicle noise limits.

    • katie says:

      is the intended result to make people who disagree with you mad, and the people who agree with you get pumped? what does that, like, accomplish for you? personal entertainment? that’s so weird.

      • SCUM says:

        I don’t care what people I don’t know think. That being said I am truly sorry someone took your shit.

  16. katie says:

    logic fail

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  18. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t have a problems if they were people were smart. I think half of the people who have scooters are people that can’t get a motor vehicle license or a motorcycle license. most of the “scooter people” are stupid. I had 2 scooters pass me on the right when I was about to make a right turn. I was on a motorcycle. When I ride, I use a turn signal, I don’t turn left on red like I have seem a lot of scooters. If people can’t see motorcycles, they can’t see smaller scooters.
    I was on my motorcycle going 40 MPh in a 40 and a PT Cruiser hit me. I had a helmet on unlike every scooter I’ve seen. I went under that car. There were scrapes on my helmet and my protective gear was ripped up too. I walked away and had a bruised hop that night. Imagine what would have happened if a person on a scooter without protective gear (as always seen) no scooter people”

  19. Matt says:

    … “scooter people” never wear helmets. I’m just waiting to see where a brain should be some day. If I ever see a scooter person that has been in an accident I’m Just going To Comment, should have worn a helmet. Just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it. Idiot’s…
    And if someone comments that I’m jealous because I have to… you’re an idiot. If a “scooter person” does wear a helmet, good for you, you’re not stupid.