New York bike thieves is pussies

Our pal Tag hipped us to this time-lapse video of a bike locked to a rack in NYC for a year. As you can imagine, it slowly disappears, but not quite as fast as it would in SF wethinks. Says Tag:

It’s six months before anyone even goes for the water bottle. New York
is pussies.

See for yourself:

[via Gothamist]

9 Responses to “New York bike thieves is pussies”

  1. StowawaySG says:

    The only place I know that sells tortas in NYC is southern Astoria Queens and just north of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Maybe the high pedestrian traffic keeps this bike safe.

  2. thefrederale says:

    On day 211 a note is pasted to the seat. The next day the lock is removed along with the basket. After that, it’s not locked up at all.
    Still, No one steals it. What?
    I smell something fishy.

  3. PinkBike says:

    The bike was too homely to steal quickly. Try again with a cool bike.

  4. klm says:

    the water bottle made it until day 159! impressive.

  5. Blerg says:

    No offense but SOHO isn’t exactly a theft heavy area.