Elbo Room may or may not be turned into condos some day

Mission Local reported over the weekend that plans have been submitted to the city that involve destroying the building and replacing it with a big condo complex. And then in the comments section:

Matt Shapiro, co-owner of Elbo Room, here. We are not going anywhere anytime soon…the building owners (close fiends of ours), submitted a proposal (which has to be public), but are not acting on it….I find it funny that no one bothered to check with us before writing their articles. [link]

Soooo, what’s the deal? Nobody seems to have any ideas why a building owner would go through the process of submitting such a proposal and then decide not to act on it.

[Photos from "Hot Faces" shoot outside Elbo Room, 2010]


9 Responses to “Elbo Room may or may not be turned into condos some day”

  1. Sam says:

    Nobody has any idea?


    They clearly intend on turning it into condos, there is no question.

  2. Ted says:

    Most of the people crying about this project won’t even be living here by the time it’s built.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      So what? Terrible things that happen when you’re not around are still terrible things.

  3. RespectBalls says:

    They are saying it’s not imminent, but people don’t go thru the hassles at the planning department for fun. It will happen unless there is an uproar about the LBGT history there (Amelia’s).

  4. $75 v-neck t-shirt says:

    yay let’s make more $$$$$

  5. G Walker says:

    The owners are proceeding with their plan to raze the Room and build a five story condominium building. There is a pre-application meeting planned for November 6th from 6-8 in the Mission Police Station Community Room. Come make your voice heard!