Hot Faces

Standing outside the Elbo Room the other night (after Tormenta Tropical, which was amaaazing) I got really into this other project I’ve been working on, and my friend Marijke gave it a name: Hot Faces.

Thanks to all who’ve participated! Who’s next?

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10 Responses to “Hot Faces”

  1. sallyTV says:

    Oh, hey! I’m pretty sure that’s my friend Noah in the bottom-left corner. Cool!

  2. sergdun says:

    that is noah, ghostsontape shows up when you check the link too

  3. meligrosa says:

    que cute, allan.

  4. Fitzgerald says:

    None of these people are hot.. they all look dirty.

  5. porkbelly says:

    keep yur day job.

  6. Nico says:

    …if only they were shots taken with something other than a camera phone, they might be successful. but, I agree with the “Dirty Faces” project idea. seems to fit with the whole shitty camera phone angle as well…I mean that in a good way.