More About The Armory

One Of Those "Hotel" Rooms?

(One of the infamous “hotel rooms”?)

Nick Fisher read our post from a few months ago about getting a free tour of The Armory and sprang into action. Last Friday his tour came up and he was kind enough to take Julie, Dottie and me with him.

Julie posted about it on Caliber, along with a link to the full set.

Check out the sights after the jump. (some NSFW stuff linked)

Escaped Live Animal
(by me)
Empty crate/coffin in a rubber room with a one-way mirror. Left out from their prop room.

The Asshole of Mission Creek
(by Nick)
The asshole of Mission Creek, which runs through their basement. You may want to use a chainsaw tongue on this.

A river runs through it.
(by Julie)
They threw some lights in the creek so it shimmers over the side wall. It was about 8 feet deep in this room when they first came in. Now if their pump breaks the room floods again, which it apparently does sometimes anyway.

Insert Head Here
(by me)
You lock your head beneath the floor (where a camera records you) and leave your body above for everyone else. Maybe that’s what you get when you’re one of “the slaves“.

Once again, the rest on Flickr.

6 Responses to “More About The Armory”

  1. documentdocument says:

    I was a part of kink’s first narrative film production recently. So many good times were had on and off the set. Look for it soon!

  2. documentdocument says:

    So kink just basically creates content for their various sites. There’s no story for fucking machines, everything butt, ultimate submission etc. Its just, straight to the porn, maybe a model introduction at most.

    “Indietro” is kind of an art house erotica, not quite feature length but close. It features adult and non adult actors, was shot on the Canon 5D MKII and was written and directed by a female. It should be out at a mission theater near you within a couple months.

  3. documentdocument says:


    between takes in the make up room, one of the adult film actresses was showing us her “public disgrace” debut. One of the faces in the post below was doing some hella nar nar shit in it. HAYO.