Obama Wins the Presidency!!!

Or rather, that was the last time I have seen so many happy people in the streets.  And now that the World Series will be a battle between Texas and San Francisco, why don’t we also make this about more than just baseball.

For instance, it should settle the Evolution debate once and for all.  If Texas wins, fine, no dinosaurs.  But if SF wins, the Old Testament will henceforth cease to hold any relevance in the education system (or legislature, for that matter).  While we’re at it, why don’t we also throw Gay Marriage in there too!

Go Giants!

[Photo by The Tens]

4 Responses to “Obama Wins the Presidency!!!”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    The Giants have been a lot more consistent than Obama. Tim Lincecum for president!

  2. Yeah, not to mention the shady dealings involving Bush (W) and the Rangers. Yes, we can and will make it all politics.

  3. ooeygooey says:

    There have been many great photos published showing the celebrations after they won, but this is the best one. I don’t know who that random man is, but his expression is perfect! Go Giants!