Eyewitness report: ‘Occupy fuckheads smash the shit out of the Mission’

From our pal Plumpy:

I was doing laundry on 14th & Valencia, when I walked out and there were about 100 Occupy kids in face masks and bandanas marching down the middle street without a cop in sight. I was waiting on the corner to see what was going on when they just started smashing windows. The Taca Airlines place on the corner and few businesses next to it got their windows obliterated, as well as the new condos across 14th. Eventually I noticed they were being followed by three cop cars, who apologized for being too outnumbered to do anything.

They headed up to Zeitgeist and stood outside, seeming to briefly ponder smashing the windows of a busy bar before thinking better of it. They headed down Duboce, smashing car windows, throwing trash in the street, and spray painting anything that seemed interesting. After breaking Brick & Mortar’s windows, the riot cops finally showed up on 14th & Mission, right outside my apartment.

The cops were shoving them back towards Duboce, but when they got there, a cop car ran into another private car. I think in the chaos the anarchist weirdos mostly got away into SOMA, presumably to wreak havoc on more undeserving people.

Then, I guess, a silver lining? A small coalition of neighbors and the local homeless joining together to pick everything back up. Yay, community? But ugh.

UPDATE: I’m pretty sure this was not an Occupy action. I apologize for the misleading headline. Plumpy wrote it in the heat of the moment, and I posted it in the heat of the moment. More on the origins of the demonstration here.

101 Responses to “Eyewitness report: ‘Occupy fuckheads smash the shit out of the Mission’”

  1. GrizzledMission says:

    Congrats to Occupy et al. They really let a bunch of small businesses have it.

  2. steve says:

    yaa!! for shitting all over the Occupy Movement which actually started to shift the national conversation from tax cuts for the rich to wage stagnation.

    Thanks fucktards

    • anymouse says:

      Wiki: “Agent provocateur”

      • Tom in SFCA says:

        Google: the strike starts early dolores

        You lying commie.

      • Travis says:

        This makes about as much sense as the tags I saw in Civic Center BART that just told me to “Google: Ron Paul”.

        • NoTownKasper says:

          “The Strike Starts Early” Doloros = google results from the Occupy Oakland page, advertising the event.

          Which was scrubbed a few hours ago. Lost the link, but Forbes has an article about this same incident, with screenshots. I’ll dig it up if necessary.

      • Carl Sagan says:

        Wiki, delusional conspiracy theorist.

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Fuck those stupid blackbloc retards that attach themselves to every cause in the bay area. They’re recreational rioters. If you want to have a bust-shit-up party, take it to fucking Nob Hill or Marin or something, you dickheads.

    • wendy says:

      Hey, Nob Hill is actually packed with working class people, studio apartments and multiple people crammed in small units. Update your neighborhood stereotypes, please :)

  4. plumpy says:

    Speaking of people that attach themselves to every cause in the Bay Area, Frank Chu was totally there. Hanging back, seeming not entirely sure what to do with himself. Seeing him calmed me down a little bit :)

  5. aholes says:

    A-holes they better not TOUCH the new playground!!

    • e says:

      FOR REALZ!! I stood so proud seeing the opening day celebrations on the rare chance I was visiting home.

  6. Michael says:

    How come you guys don’t hold the worst elements of your government to the same standard as Occupy? The worst element of protesters decide to damage property and everyone says, “ZOMG Occupy I can’t believe they are breaking windows!” But the worst elements of government torture people and bomb innocent civilians using sky robots and you still haven’t disavowed them.

    Be morally consistent. Smashing windows is stupid. Not as stupid as murdering people. Pick your targets and associations with care.

    • Matthew says:

      Really? Can you pinpoint where you’ve read my opinions on torture and war? No, you can’t. Don’t you have something better to do? You’re bell hooks term paper isn’t gonna write itself.

    • Lindsey says:

      I certainly agree, but two wrongs DO NOT make a right. Costing local businesses thousands of dollars (not to mention taxpayer money on police presence) because (reported to me) two dudes went on a rampage is inexcusable.

    • get a clue says:

      Oh Michael, this is the new Mission of IPOs and payouts not left wing politics – keep up will you

    • Ian says:

      you’re right. no one cares about any of that. We all still fully avow this government.

      c’mon man

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      You’re a fucking idiot, Michael. Your straw man arguments are, at best, intellectually dishonest.

    • House says:

      So the government is really bad so we get to fuck up anything we want. Or I guess, we could be better people like we’re trying to get other people to do.

    • Kat says:

      Well, see, this blog, Mission Mission, is about life in the Mission. It’s not a political blog, where you might otherwise find articles that disavow government torture, bombings, and sky robots. None of those 3 things are particularly relevant to Valencia Street in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. What IS relevant to this blog are things like local riots, wherein said rioters, don’t appear to have made their purpose for rioting clear. When a list of demands, a manifesto, or even just a giant sign with “We want (what it is they want),” then the message against the other side could get through. As it stands now though, it just sounds like a giant, violent temper tantrum tornado.

      • anymouse says:

        A) Look up “agent provocateur”

        B) If you can’t relate the personal and the political, you should maybe start paying attention

        C) If you’re not paying attention, you’re probably part of the problem.

        The purpose of “rioting” is clear: it’s to discredit the movement. The cops have been hot to bust heads every time anyone has waved a sign in the past six months… yet on the massive day of protest, they happen to not show up? Shenanigans.

        • Emily says:

          You are an idiot. Jesus Christ. Just because this blog doesn’t focus on politics does not mean the writers are part of the problem. You know nothing about them or their political background.

          You are an example of someone so blinded by their ideology that they forget how regular folks function in day to day life.

          • Subject says:

            Oh, I’m sure you know all about “regular folks” and how they live from day to day, white girl.

          • marco says:

            @Subject — No Mexicans allowed on this board. Sorry.

          • marco says:

            /sarcasm. Oops I’ve read some of your later comments and now I see you’re mentally deranged.

        • Joe says:

          Yeah, yeah, Occupy ALWAYS blames the violence on agent provocateur. Give me a break and take some responsibility for your “movement.”

        • Kat says:

          You have 3 really good protest sign messages ready! I didn’t say that personal and political aren’t related, but at the moment of rioting in the Mission, there are no drones or bombs, mmkay? Neither of those happening in the Mission. Not even land mines. I can be mad about bombs, drones, and land mines on other sites. It doesn’t have to happen on a blog that is generally devoted to talking about things like exciting upcoming neighborhood events. Sometimes, it’s ok to have fun and enjoy life and people and your neighborhood. Crazy! I know!

          I work with an ex-CIA author who worked in covert ops for 30 years. It’ll be interesting to hear what he thinks of all of this when we talk tomorrow. My dad’s a retired cryptologist, and like many other commenters on this thread, he’s of the belief that agent provocateur is far too costly.

          Today, in Oakland, OPD began the process of catching ire for using illegal weapons and force in the previous protests. In NY, the police DID show up…to raid the homes of Occupy organizers. So are you suggesting that there is “agent provocateur” in SF but not in the other major cities where Occupy presence has been strong?

          And now, it’s just worth asking, are you just a troll, repeating mottos you’ve read on protest signs?

          Until you show some evidence of actual agent provocateur, you’re going to find some fairly annoyed ears on this site.

    • Matt says:

      Because they’re not the same thing, alright? How dumb are you?! I’ve heard this argument from a few people in occupy, and I’m really sick of it.

      It’s a pretty fundamental and obvious part of protest to make sure the target of your actions are actually the people you intend to go after.

      They’re not smashing the government’s windows. They’re smashing the windows of local small businesses. It’s senseless property destruction and violence.

      You’re implying that the smashed windows are just collateral damage. You know who else makes that argument? The dumbasses who ordered the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

      I don’t want our current political leaders who think collateral damage is okay to be replaced with people from a movement that also thinks collateral damage is okay.

      It’s possibly that many of those business owners and employees of those businesses are allies too.

      I’ve been arrested at my share of protests taking non-violent direct actions–because I hold my government accountable.

      I’ve worked as a street medic at protests in which non-violent direct actions take place–because I want my allies to be safe.

      I want my actions to be very clear that they’re about doing the right thing. That’s the high ground that enables people to trust me and work with me–and sets me apart from those who would harm other people. I say the ends doesn’t justify the means because I want my actions to be unmistakably good.

      It’s a slippery slope: you start justifying one act of violence because you decide it’s right, and then soon you’re no better than the people you’re taking on. So pick a side, dude. Are you here to make things better, or are you okay with people smashing things and hurting people as long as they’re on your approved list of smashers?

      • anymouse says:

        If you’ve worked as a street medic then you know this probably wasn’t done by someone from the movement. Why weren’t the cops all up on this shit? It’s not like they haven’t been following Occupy’s every move and showing up with buses full of thugs every time someone waves a sign. So why not tonight?

        • Matt says:

          I’ve seen agent provocateurs (up close even!). I’ve also seen random fuckheads who aren’t associated with a movement just break shit because it’s fun.

          This seems like a group of fuckheads.

          What I hate is when I see anyone who claims to be associated with occupy trying to say ‘look over there! the government murders people!’ whenever someone gets (rightfully) upset about destruction of innocent peoples’ property.

          One can say ‘don’t smash windows, you’re a fuckhead if you do!’ without undermining the argument that the government is a tool of the 1%

          In fact, one might even win a few more allies when doing so!

        • SB says:

          I was there, as medic, as well as other medics, and we were trying to do whatever we could to fix what destruction we could. No, this was not occupy, the only occupy people, like me, who were there were disgusted.

          Also, that police line we all know. It did not really exist. It was there, finally, after the police station was paint bombed, as well as a police car. However, the line did not move, nor were they at ready. Instead they were mostly joking about it all.

          That, in itself, was pretty fishy.

          • Matt says:

            Here’s the thing: just for *tonight* stop trying to imply from *little evidence* that it’s agent provocateurs. Just condemn what happened!

            Presumably, you’re posting that it’s fishy because you want to convince people it was, right? (And if you’re not trying to convince people, you have no business being in a protest movement because that’s what it’s all about.)

            So you’ll convince *no one* with the (lack of) evidence you have.

            Instead, take your suspicion to your friends who were there. Try to put together some actual, real evidence with them. (It’s not hard to find when it’s actually happening–in my experience, the cops are clumsy about it. Some one eventually traces things back to the guy who showed up at some planning meeting who was way out of place & suddenly stopped showing up.)

            Waiting a few days or weeks until you have actual evidence to tell the world that you think it was a setup won’t hurt your argument. It will actually make it stronger.

            I really, really want to believe that the folks trying to advocate for the 99% are smarter than the birthers… please try not to sound like them.

            …and on the other hand, if it just turns out to be fuckheads, then you don’t look like a fool by prematurely convicting people of crimes they haven’t committed. You also don’t blow your credibility.

    • NoTownKasper says:

      Because, very simply, you idiots made the mistake of claiming the moral high-ground.

      Everyone knows the government is fragged and in desperate need of reassembly, but the Occupy skidmarks came out of the chute talking about how they’re the downtrodden 99% who could do it so much better if only the evil, greedy, corporate interests were out of the way.

      …except they can’t even keep rapists and anarchists out of their camps and marches…Ironic, that.

    • let's have some priorities people says:

      thank you, Michael.

  7. alrighty then says:

    They are definitely assholes, but they aren’t related to occupy. It was poorly thought out anti-capitalists protesting due to May Day. Occupy is also pretty silly, but they aren’t responsible for this.

  8. Adam says:

    @Michael fuck off dude. Nothing should give these idiots the right to smash up other people’s proerty.

  9. Chris says:

    I was at Locanda with my girlfriend, having dinner at the bar. What was one moment a quiet, boring Monday night suddenly turned pretty frightening when 3-4 assh*oles, like a pack of dogs, started trying to SMASH the windows of the restaurant. Mind you, it was packed and there were several 2 tops and 4 tops in harms way.

    The morons responsible for this desperation, were using what looked like a metal banister or something, in attempts to break through the window. That said, had the owners of Locanda not possessed the foresight to use heavy duty windows – which did not break or shatter – the folks sitting in the front, would have surely been hurt very badly.

    A stain on what the Occupy movement is all about… Ignorant assh*les quite literally masquerading as representing ‘the people’. Sad, angry, posers who at the first sight of any resistance (eg, people coming out of Locanda) ran away. Total cowards. Their ‘movement’ is not based on anything moral, just or honorable. And they perpetuate the ignorance they claim to ‘protest’.

    • anymouse says:

      Of course it’s a stain on Occupy. The window-smashers are probably agents provocateur. Anyone paying attention to Occupy’s message knows that it’s the little folks versus the fat cats, not the little folks versus the other little folks.

      • Matt says:

        Knock off your conspiracy theory bullshit and face up to the fact that your little anarcho buddies did this.

        • Joe says:

          EXACTLY, Michael, they always fall back on the conspiracy bullshit when the scumbags in their movement begin to take over. This was the last straw for the community and how they feel about Occupy.

        • heather says:

          If you know anything at all about the Occupy movement (which it honestly doesn’t sound like you do), you’d know that the black boc anarchists are NOT “buddies” of the movement. They’ve nothing to do with Occupy. I think it’s deplorable what they’ve done, and it does nothing but fuck up people’s perception of what Occupy is about. I live in the Mission; this is my home, and I’m incredibly angry about the damage done. All of that, however, doesn’t mean that you get to demonize an entire movement based upon the actions of a couple of assholes.

          • NoTownKasper says:

            Protip: No leader = No one to weed out the undesirables = Occupy has no right or ability to claim something done under their name, was not actually done by their ‘movement’.

  10. Chris says:

    @michael. wake up dude. violence upon innocent people never yields anything forward thinking. hiding behind the tired argument of big goverment is pathetic. as far as i know, no innocent people got hurt tonight. no small miracle, given the VIOLENCE you claim to be so appalled by… tonight was nothing more than a bunch of immature posers, hurting a community. i saw graffiti that said ‘yuppies get out’. explain to me, how breaking windows enriches or moves forward anything you believe in. time for some heavy duty reflection man. tonight was incredibly hurtful and pointless.

  11. JD says:

    IT WASN’T OCCUPY. The little pussy ass anarchists came through and tagged their shitty little “A” for asshole everywhere. I hope those shiteaters get fucked up by someone. Don’t come down to Valencia and bust up shit, go down to Union Square if you guys are for real. Weak ass lil kids with mommy and daddy issues.

    • anymouse says:

      There are more anarchists feeding scrap food to the homeless than there are out smashing windows. It’s far more likely that these vandals were on the payroll of DHS than it is for a bunch of Occupy people to randomly run around busting up storefronts. And you’re right – if it was actually Occupy, they’d be going after Abercrombie & Fitch, not Mom & Pop.

      • JD says:

        You are right, I stand corrected I did lump all the anarchists together and I am sure there are some good anarchists. But it just really pisses me off that this headline besmirches a legitimate movement like Occupy. The reality is most anarchists are merely disgruntled over entitled little kids. They get in a mass and feel strong even though by themselves their fucking weak physically and mentally. They spout off some Bob Black diatribe to try and show how well informed they are, thereby giving their idiotic actions legitimacy.

        • plumpy says:

          Sorry, it was my headline (well, email subject). I was super pissed off when I wrote it, and they were carrying Occupy signs. But yeah, it’s unfair to lump these assholes together with the majority of peaceful Occupy people.

          (I don’t believe for a second these morons were on the payroll of DHS, though. That shit cray.)

          • heather says:

            During the 1960′s and early 1970′s, both state and federal governments were widely known to plant people within the anti-Vietnam movement, using them to incite violence in otherwise non-violent situations. So that shit not as cray as we’d like to think.

          • NoTownKasper says:

            Leaderless = unable to make any judgements about what is and is not part of the movement.

            Especially when the Occupy morons publicly decry their support for a ‘Diversity of Tactics’ and issue open invitations for the public to get involved however they can.

            Stop trying to shrug responsibility for this. This was Occupy, even if it was a brand new group of them.

          • mitchun says:

            NoTownKasper, Occupy is by definition a non-violent movement. A few teenagers committing violence is not part of that movement simply by proximity, even if they claim to be (which they haven’t). If they did this at the RNC convention, would you call them “Republican Delegates?”

            Occupy is not violent. Violent people are not Occupy. I don’t see why this is so hard for you to understand.

          • Jacob says:

            @mitchun, it’s “so hard for us to understand” because what you are saying doesn’t make any goddamn sense. NoTownKasper is absolutely correct in saying that if you do not define a purpose, a leader or a common theme, you have absolutely no right to disassociate yourself from someone. You’re basically giving anyone and everyone the ability to associate with Occupy by having a purpose as rigid as a wet newspaper.

            Get some leadership, figure out what you want and how you expect to achieve it through nonviolent means and then maybe the rest of us will be sympathetic. Until then, you’re all just a bunch of entitled pieces of shit that don’t want to work like everyone else, in my mind.

          • mitchun says:

            Except there ARE “defined purposes and common themes” and one of those (the primary one, really) is that it’s non-violent. Just because you haven’t been paying any attention, doesn’t mean other people haven’t.

          • Jacob says:

            @mitchun, before we let this devolve into an argument about something that we obviously don’t agree on, can you help me understand it a little better by explaining to me what you want? I’m not talking about Occupy as a whole, I’m talking about what you, mitchun, want in your life and how it relates to this.

            I worry that until someone can answer that for me, I’ll never get it.

          • mitchun says:

            Sure, change the subject completely. That’s really the only tactic left when you’ve lost the argument.

  12. Craigary says:

    This is absolutely terrible and inexcusable, and I can’t imagine anyone here is in favor of this sort of pointless vandalism. Also, no criticism of anyone here meant but I’d be a little wary of associating these lunatics as “Occupy Protestors.” These are asshole vandals who aren’t making any political point, even if they said “Occupy Mission!” or whatever stupid nonsense, that doesn’t mean they are in any way otherwise associated with people who have been legitimately and peacefully protesting more coherently. Anyway, stuff like this makes me mad. Innocent stores, cars, people (and plants!) all get hurt, and a legitimate movement gets besmirched. I hope people are smarter than that, and meanwhile I hope these asshats are caught.

    Also, thanks for posting pics and updates. Be safe, folks.

    • NoTownKasper says:

      Your logic is broken, so let me point out the flaw.

      Occupy claims to be leaderless. As so, there is no official command structure, the two concepts are anathema. When you mix that with a publicly proclaimed (At several GA’s, if nowhere else) both the concept of ‘Diversity of Tactics’ and an open invitation for the public to ‘think globally, act locally’ (IIRC) then anything done under the name of ‘Occupy’, is an Occupy action.

      People can whine “That’s not us! That’s not us!” till the cows come home, but the bottom line is, if there is no official command, there is no one in charge. If no one’s in charge…anyone can act independently in the name of the group.

      So yes. If someone there claimed this was an Occupy action, then guess what? It was.

      • mitchun says:

        NoTown, you really know very little about the movement apparently. While it is leaderless (in the sense that there’s no “boss”), it is not unorganized. And it is, first and foremost, a movement committed to non-violence.

        People who act completely counter to the principals of the movement can claim to be part of it (and incidentally, the kids who did this have made no such claim, you just inferred it because you don’t like Occupy). But in reality, they’re not part of it.

        The Klan used to show up to pick fights at civil rights marches. By your logic, they were part of the civil rights movement.

      • Craigary says:

        I’m not even “part” of the Occupy movement, though I support its existence, its right to protest, and its anti-Wall Street-greed manifesto, as it were. Yes, it has problems from being leaderless (or at least there are both positive and negative aspects related to that), and the ease in which unrelated and more pointless “protestors” can lay claim to them so people can be easily swayed into thinking things like “guess what, it was” is indeed a problem. But now that this very blog as published an update and a retraction, you could do the same. But you won’t. You’re already writing your next screed here somewhere. I’m sorry you don’t get it, but appreciate the attempts to educate me.

  13. Dude says:


    A flyer for the gathering that led to this bullshit.

    • animals says:

      OMG! It’s like tiny little people wearing condoms! Thats how they did this under our noses.

  14. Paul says:

    Another invite for the event tonight, calling for a “ruckus street party”:


  15. Resident says:

    The irony is that the Mission, in particular, is a model of non-corporate, successful community-driven small business.

    I can’t think of another neighborhood community that has been so influential nationwide towards this goal.

    This stupid attack is actually really depressing.

    What’s the point? Is the attack against Google and Facebook and other corporate entities that have changed the neighborhood’s demographic?

    And, if so – is this demographic to be put to the fire? This very demographic is helping keep our local economy afloat in a time of great worldwide economic calamity – you’d rather not have this economic structure?

    • Cicero says:

      “The irony is that the Mission, in particular, is a model of non-corporate, successful community-driven small business.”

      LOL. How long have lived here and where are you from? The Midwest? Go around ask the businesses that were targeted whether their owners are based in “the community”. The Mission is infamous for being one of the most rapidly gentrified “ethnic” neighborhoods in San Francisco and probably the world.

      And you think Twitter is going to keep our economy afloat in a time of “great worldwide economic calamity?”
      LOL at you.

  16. Cholo says:

    Back in Peru we (the neighborhood) would have poured out of the houses and beat the crap out of these a-holes.
    Gringos are so soft.

  17. Fable Jay Scorcher says:

    this is seriously win-win for large corporations. Way to lil smashers!

  18. Nick says:

    Where is the evidence that these so called vandalism participants
    Have affiliated themselves with occupy? And even if they claim to be representing occupy. That’s a cop out for these anarchist because real occupy members use non violence as a means of protest.

    • Palmiér says:

      There was at the very least one dude with an Occupy Oakland sign in the mob…

    • NoTownKasper says:

      “Diversity of Tactics” + Leaderless ‘movement’ = Any action that claims it’s an Occupy action, -IS- an Occupy action.

      Something these fools will never quite understand.

      • mitchun says:

        Repeating it, doesn’t make it true. Occupy has specific principals and rejects violence, a fact you keep ignoring because, well, because you don’t like Occupy. Black Bloc dipshits will use any excuse to break windows because they’re kids and that’s cool to them. It has nothing to do with Occupy.

  19. Wake up says:

    wait, when did occupy become a movement.

    anymouse, get real. Yeah, the police posted flyers, and an anouncement on occupy oaklands website, and hired 100 losers to infiltrate a bullshit movement.

    occupy is the wort protest/movement ever. Not because of tonight…because there is zero leadership, and no purpose. no one cares, the news doesn’t report it because it is so lame. Yeah, we are gonna camp out here until the 1% stop doing bad.

    Give up. Occupy Iowa.

  20. NoTownKasper says:

    Here’s a fun fact that no one will like:

    If Occupy is as ‘leaderless’ as it claims…and the ‘General Assembly’ has embraced the concept of ‘diversity of tactics’…then where does anyone get off anywhere, claiming that anything is, or is not, an occupy movement, unless they were a part of the incident itself?

    If you were involved in the vandalism…you get to tell us who was behind it but if you weren’t and they say it was an Occupy action, then guess what? It’s an Occupy action.

    Simple logic, always seems to be beyond the Occupy skidmarks.

  21. REASON says:

    We had an old saying back where I grew up:

    ‘Don’t shit where you eat’

    As effed up as the government/economy/status quo might be, this is our home people…

    Make it a point to follow these simple rules when you find yourself in the middle of a peaceful protest heading in a direction of destruction of personal/commercial property:

    Approach the offender, look him/her directly in the eyes of the ‘v for vandetta’ mask they are wearing, and smash them across the nose.

    Stand up for what’s right and protect your community.

  22. Scott says:

    @ Boris Jasper- That is a ridiculously absurd argument. Why are you so eager to repeatedly blame the entire movement for a stupid, random act? Did they kick you out of a drum circle or something? I’m suspicious of your disdain. Who do you stand for?

    • Scott says:

      @ “notownkasper” not Boris Jasper (damn you autocorrect)!

    • Jacob says:

      I think he’s saying that without leadership or a set list of things that Occupy wants or who should be involved, it has put itself in a precarious situation where people can claim Occupy while doing something horrible like this.

      I don’t think anyone except for the rioters can answer whether or not this was Occupy, and that’s exactly the point that’s being made: If people perceive that these asshats are part of your movement, it does just as much harm to it as if they actually are part of your movement. And based off of the lack of organization, they technically ARE part of your movement and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, perception is reality. Ya dig?

  23. Juanpablo says:

    When this shit happened in London – for very different reasons – the whole community banned together to clean it up and help out those most affected – for very similar reasons.

    I’m living in London and nothing would make me more proud of home than to see everyone pitch in and show pride for Mission.

  24. Owen R. Broadhurst says:

    This wasn’t black bloc. This wasn’t Occupy. This wasn’t communists. This wasn’t anarchists. This was a roving gang of hooligans engaged in their juvenile delinquency, period, in a fashion that they calculated might help them evade justice.

    • rod says:

      i think they are entitled to claim for themselves what their political ideals are. it’s not for you to decide that a bunch of self-proclaimed anarchists smashing things aren’t anarchists because it’s not a convenient reality for you. you have to start looking at things honestly if you want to understand them.

  25. mike morford says:

    loved the part where they possibly considered messing with the Zeitgeist. If they broke up anything there, it would have been pandora’s box of woop ass.

    • Todd1SF says:

      That would have been truly epic! REASON hit the nail right on the head.

      I’m so sick of this agent provacateur argument. Yes in the anti-Vietnam war movement there were agents provacateur. Although you have zero proof that this was the case here, and just for the sake of argument, what does it say about your movement (whoever it was) that its so easily manipulated?

  26. boyintheboat says:


  27. sx says:

    Fuck this noise. Why destroy the Mission like this? Fuck, why destroy anything like this? Fuck Occupy and the anarchists. If the vandals weren’t part of Occupy, what the fuck were the Occupiers doing, just watching and marching while their “non-friends” tore up the neighborhood?

  28. neutral_corner says:

    This is terrorism and should be dealt with as such.

    Grown up people are trying to change government and politics, and May Day Anarchists are denying us the opportunity to make those changes. SFPD needs to take action and the DA’s office needs to start doing its job to protect property and personal safety.

  29. James says:

    Attention Mission Car and Business owners. The next time someone tries to damage your property, fire one of these at them.


    It probably will not kill them, but it probably will put a stop to their vandalism. If they have a weapon in their hand like a crowbar, make sure you kill them. Tell the police that they were coming at you and you feared for your life.

    Broken bones and dead comrades are the only way these vile little punks will ever learn to respect your property rights.

    • vandalism isn't violence says:

      “make sure you kill them”

      Right, cuz the proper response to property damage is to kill people. Property damage is vandalism — a crime against property, true, but it isn’t violence against a person. You are advocating vigilanye killing of people who have broken windows, and in doing so, you are committing a much graver crime.

  30. Marina Girl says:

    tacolicious is ppl 2

  31. No Way says:

    Do NOT blame or associate occupy protesters with this shit, dim-bulb. These are either black-bloc pseudo-anarchists or cops looking to justify attacks on protesters.

  32. tofutart says:

    How about everyone finding something more constructive to do with their Monday evening than loiter in the street protesting something that you really don’t understand or have any concept of how to change through appropriate means. Nothing substantive was ever accomplished through disruptive protesting except making the evening news. Every crucially important injustice has been changed through consistent, systematic, mature and articulate voices and actions aimed squarely at those with whom we take issue. Attend a city council meeting or letter bomb your representatives, or i don’t know, vote! This city needs to grow up.

    • No Way says:

      You’re clearly another product of the ‘merkin “educational” system.

      When the government “process” stops working for the people, then it is our right and duty to abolish that government.

      Fuck your city council meetings and fuck your voting. Look what good any of this has done… we’re in it deeper than ever. Get your head out of your ass.