Valencia Street ransackers attack poor unsuspecting plant

Congrats, fuckheads, you smashed an innocent little succulent.

[via @roseandsigil]

14 Responses to “Valencia Street ransackers attack poor unsuspecting plant”

  1. Emily says:

    Okay, that caption was gold.

  2. Ian says:

    this is really harshing my mellow

  3. Justin says:

    Let’s start a riot of fixer-uppers. We’ll follow the mob that breaks stuff and paints things. But we’ll have cleaning supplies and wrenches to fix everything.

    • Ian says:

      would be so amazing if this actually worked

    • Matt says:

      I’ve always wanted to do this. Being helpful and working together is how the 99% can defeat the 1%

      • Justin says:

        Well we just missed out on last night’s. So…. someone go start a riot so that we can clean it up and take credit for being the good guys!

    • Ty says:

      That’s sorta what Vancouver did after their big riots blemished their image.

      I think it’d be a pretty compelling act of counter-violence to follow a mob and clean up after them.

    • Kathleen says:

      This is a GREAT idea and totally possible. Lead on Justin.

  4. Matthew says:

    20 years after the LA riots, the whites are finally getting their moment in the sun.

  5. Dew Drop Inn says:

    When an injustice like this occurs we must stand together and be one. Say it…Tonight… I am Tacolicious

  6. lightedmatch says:

    I am filled with rage that someone thought this was the right way to make a statement. This is a messageless demonstration against people who are mostly passionate about effecting change, and who strongly defend the right to do it publicly.

    Anyone who attacks their own supporters is an idiot. Whatever point or purpose this “protest” was meant to illuminate has been undermined by the method.


  7. Joe steve says:

    Cointelpro attack to vilify occupy in mainstream media. How long will this post last??? Tick tock tick tock

  8. Fred Mim says:

    Take that you fucking green corporate lackey!