Seriously, pay attention to Sexpigeon’s convention coverage

Our pal Tag of Sexpigeon is on the ground in Charlotte right now, and the reportage he’s delivering is more heartfelt and engaging than any of the snark-filled total bullshit everywhere else on the internet:

Met some very nice locals. Things I learned:

They sure brought in a lot of police for this thing. The horses are very beautiful. We all agreed that the dappled gray horse at the front is the most beautiful of the horses. “There are a lot more cops and a lot more suits. You never see this many suits.”

The police put all the homeless people on buses a few weeks ago, took them out of Uptown in anticipation of the convention. Deposited them somewhere else.

“Uptown, pfft,” says an old-timer. “You’re just trying to be fancy.” Apparently the neighborhood name is of relatively recent vintage.

They estimate that the ratio of cops to protestors is about 2:1. Had no particular dog in this fight. Mildly inconvenienced in terms of getting home, but also entertained, happy to just stand around and take pictures for a bit. “It’s a good thing the police don’t mind pictures, because I’ve just been clicking away.”

Read on, seriously, I teared up.

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