Stanley Kubrick was the original Sexpigeon

New York City the other day released a cavalcade of historic photos, and it appears that some 7200 of them were taken by Stanley Kubrick. What’s more, the Museum of the City of New York pulled a batch taken on the subway – and they’re all eerily reminiscent of the work Sexpigeon does so diligently today. (Though Sexpigeon’s are of course bolstered by unforgettable captioning.)

If only Kubrick and Sexpigeon could’ve collaborated on something.


9 Responses to “Stanley Kubrick was the original Sexpigeon”

  1. Jeremy says:

    No, that wasn’t an earthquake, that was the shockwave from my mind being blown.

  2. anadromy says:

    I think sex pigeon got a writing credit for Eyes Wide Shut. But after he saw the rough cut, he decided to go with Alan Smithee.

    Smart move.

  3. gdb says:

    And Kubrick was just heavily inspired by Walker Evans.

  4. KyleM says:

    Yeah, except shitty iPhone pictures and snide, nonsensical captions don’t compare with one of the greatest film makers of the 20th Century and a Leica III.

    Just sayin’.

    • Princess Buspiss says:

      i was gonna say, it takes some mind bogglingly self indulgent hipster fuckhead to compare themselves to kubrick….. no, your instagram is not art.

      • wrybread says:

        True, the comparison is reaching. Sex Pigeon’s blog and pics are infinitely more entertaining and interesting than Kubrick’s pics.

        Also, you killed the thread. According to Wrybread’s Postulate, any thread on Mission Mission is over the moment someone mentions the dreaded “hipsters”. (And someone always must!)

      • anadromy says:

        Damn–the hate is strong in these parts, though reading comprehension? Not so much. Dude didn’t compare himself to Kubrick. Allan did and it was a humorous comparison. As in: JOKES. Try them sometime. You might feel better.

        Have a lovely day.

        • Princess Buspiss says:

          Actually it was definitely TL;DR. my comment may have not made much sense. apparently it made sense to me in my Four Loko induced haze at the time. Regrettable.