Where might one watch the presidential debates in the Mission?

We generally don’t delve into politics much (except for sometimes, and other times), but Rachel from 500 Club just got in touch:

The 500 Club will be showing all the debates again this year. We have better tv’s with better sound – three in the front of the bar and one rather large one in the back room. We also have delicious foods from Clare’s Deli next door..altho delivery might be a little tricky if we get a full house again.

We also talked to Paul at Shotwell’s and he mentioned they’ll be screening the events as well. Anywhere else?

[Screenshot by hardtwerk]

15 Responses to “Where might one watch the presidential debates in the Mission?”

  1. it would be so amazing to see one the the newer sports bars in the Mission get turned into a debate bar… for each of the presidential and vp debates.

    I’d wear an Obama jersey for that. Might even dig up a giant foam “we’re number 1″ hand or pendant or something stupid.

  2. tack says:

    Buck Tavern is having one too apparently. That’s a Drinking Liberally (http://livingliberally.org/drinking/) event.

  3. wizzer says:

    webpedophile??? WTF??

  4. Michael David Nolan says:

    We’ll be showing the first debate at Bissap on the big screen tomorrow night, Oct. 3rd, at 6pm.

    3372 19th Street, between Mission & Capp. No admission. Food and beverage available for purchase.

  5. Tammy says:

    National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Bay Area, the League of Young Voters, Women’s Forum Bay Area are showing the debate at the Roxie.
    6 – 7:30

  6. Milk Steak says:

    Gestalt Haus on 16th will be showing the one tonight.

  7. erik says:

    Dalva will be showing the debates on our large screen

  8. I have a TV — sorry that you guys don’t.

  9. We’ve got it, too! Doors at 5:30pm, co-presented by the Good Ol’ Girls.

  10. two beers says:

    No disrespect meant to Rachel, but in the interest of more October baseball and less (fewer?) politics, here’s your Shorter Debate:

    Romney: We need to cut social security.
    Obama: I’ll cut it, and every other social program, even more.

    Romney: You’re unfriendly to business.
    Obama: I gave Wall St trillions of dollars of government bailouts after the financial collapse, and I’ve put industry insiders in charge of all of the regulatory agencies. And have you seen my list of donors?

    Romney: We need to quit coddling whistle blowers.
    Obama: Talked to Bradley Manning lately?

    Romney: The rich pay too much in taxes.
    Obama: Who extended the Bush tax cuts for millionaires?

    Romney: I give up; you’re more right wing than I am
    Obama: You have seen nothing, my corrupt corporate friend. Wait until you see me open a can of the product known as whoop-ass on Tehran. And Syria. War! Wall Street! Good Times!

    • Whataperv says:

      Only one who wants a war with Iran is Bibi.

      Syria shelled Turkey, so Obama’s not going to have to do much to get the NATO ball rolling on that one.

  11. I’m tending bar at Thee Parkside, 17th and Wisconsin, tonight and will have the debates on. We’ll be doing happy hour all night long, we have a full kitchen, and you can smoke on the back patio. Come out and get irritated!! Haha, hope to see some of ya.

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