Why doesn’t the NObama NOtipper just step forward and become a Tea Party hero?

This picture has been whizzing around the internet all week, gaining all sorts of predictable (and merited) criticism, including the great honor of a stream-of-consciousness smackdown on Gawker. Although Gawker assumed the prickish missive must have originated in L.A., Inside Scoop reports that it came from a $37 check at a restaurant in the S.F. Westfield Center called “Cupola.”

Although the Bay Area might be a tough place to pull this kind of bullshit, I think the stingy little fucker is missing an opportunity to ride this viral news story to fame of Joe the Plumber proportions. I would gladly tune in to see this guy flesh out his political and economic theories on Fox & Friends. So how about it, buddy? Time to take the plunge and stand up for what’s right? I can’t imagine an anonymous note to an unsuspecting server in the mall is the extent of your thirst for social justice.

33 Responses to “Why doesn’t the NObama NOtipper just step forward and become a Tea Party hero?”

  1. Boney Bob says:

    Try that shit in Vegas and they’ll find your skeletal remains under 2 feet of desert dirt 10 years from now.

    I want a card that says, “I am a first-time Japanese tourist in your fair city, and I have never heard of this thing you call ‘tipping’. So sorry.”

  2. DomPara says:

    “I must cut back on discretionary spending”

    So use some discretion and pack a lunch.

  3. Rusyn Americans says:

    On another note – the blog comment bots are really whacking MM right now……ouch.

  4. Dude! says:

    Mr. Pink is such an ahole!

  5. anadromy says:

    I wish these fuckers would just Go Galt already. I say we raise taxes on the rich to what they were under that communist Eisenhower again (90% give or take) just so we can point and laugh at them as they cry.

    • under the bridge says:

      Nice try teabagger. Keep your little rightwing conspiracy theorems outta here. This place is for discussing douchebags and foodies and crime and cool people and bands and the rent and stuff.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Hear, fucking, hear. I’d fully support a return to the top tax rates of the administration of that noted pinko socialist, Richard Milhous Nixon.

      • stiiv says:

        What the rich did then is get their compensation in other ways. Well, there was less of it too, but I digress. Other ways like… dining out on the company dime!

        Huh, sounds like a win-win.

  6. under the bridge says:

    It’s just an analog troll, that card. Don’t dine in if you can’t tip.

  7. Jon says:

    his “fair share” is still a lower tax rate than what most other people pay.

    Pure greed.

  8. trixr4kids says:

    i have a friend who tips $1 no matter what the check comes to. it’s so embarrassing. i won’t go to a restaurant with her anymore. and no, she is not 97 years old. not only that, she is the most high maintenance diner ever, will send a plate back if it has cilantro on the side of the food and tries to convince the kitchen to make her special meals. bad tippers should be required to wear ID bracelets.

    • GG says:

      My boyfriend’s dad does that. He and his mom deal with it by secretly adding money to the tip when his dad’s not looking (apparently calling him out on his behavior hasn’t worked).

      I waitressed for 8 years in high school/college. Now I’m a lawyer and can afford to tip well, and you BET I do.

  9. whoever did it probably is a legitimate prick (who doesnt fucking tip?!) but bravo! thats a hard move to play in this fascist town.

  10. KyleM says:

    So he has money to get embossed card stock to leave where ever he eats?

  11. then find a dictionary. What do you call it, for instance, when a city politic resorts to banning all city and county employees from TRAVELING to arizona? It was in the wake of that pretty racist senate bill they had passed. thats admittedly a small example, but nonetheless pretty disgusting. Id say most wouldn’t agree with me, but out of laziness and ignorance of true liberty, not stupidity or a real want to deny human rights

  12. rod says:

    people are not this fucking obvious. this was absolutely created by some super progressive liberal looking to create this kind of circle-jerk response.

  13. scum says:

    My wife and I have both worked in the service industry so we know about tipping. I have noticed that quality sevice is getting harder to find and some act like just showing up to work makes them worthy of good tips.

    • stiiv says:

      And I’ve noticed exactly the opposite. The friendliness and competence of wait staff in San Francisco is equal to none.

      • Boney Bob says:

        “equal to none” …?

        You should realize that that could mean either ‘better than’ OR ‘worse than’ …

        My own observation of the “friendliness and competence” of San Francisco waiters is that it varies wildly, depending on a host of factors, including (but not limited to) restaurant status, managerial staffing mistakes, weather, restaurant proximity to high-traffic special events, customer sartorial competence, that time of the month, and oh so much more.

        Sadly, the real problem with waiters is their conversational skills after work ends; they spend so much of their working day (and/or night) fretting about small sums of money which they are or are not getting that, when they get off work, they are impossible to be around unless you are one of them. Non-stop bitch-fest!

  14. What quality discourse, herr doktor