Slow Pour: Mission Mission’s new coffee column takes a look at Stanza and Réveille

In this new series about coffee in San Francisco we will highlight worthy new shop openings, lesser known spots, restaurants that make an effort to brew a decent cup, and maintain a curated map of the best places to get the black stuff.

Stanza Coffee recently opened its doors on 16th Street in the mission, across from the Roxie. This is the second Stanza in the city and appears to emphasize coffee more than its sibling in the Haight.

The Mission shop will host a rotating selection of various small roasters from around the country.  They haven’t completely settled on which brands you are most likely to see, but Counter Culture (Durham, NC),  Herkimer (Seattle, WA), and Augies (Redlands, CA) were mentioned as potential regulars. We’ve also seen PT’s (Topeka, KS), Madcap (Grand Rapids, MI), Olympia (Olympia, WA), and Doma (Post Falls, ID) coffees on visits here. What great roasters! Beans are available for retail and you can order v60 pours or espresso drinks at the bar.

The diverse rotating selection of non-local roasts makes Stanza unique among the coffee places in the city. Indeed, there are only a handful of similar such shops in the area, such as Ma’velous (SF), Bica (Oakland), and Modern (Oakland).

We recommend that you check this place out next time you need to pick up a cup before hopping on BART.

There is a noteworthy coffee truck in the FiDi/Jackson Square called Réveille Coffee that pulls great shots of 4B.  A few weeks ago these folks opened a beautiful brick and mortar cafe, only two blocks from their truck. Réveille will do pours, espresso drinks, and also sells coffee equipment such as kettles and filters. There has been no better time to stock your office with coffee gear.  Réveille is definitely serious about their coffee, and this shop will satisfy your need for a good cup if you find yourself in north beach or the financial area.

We would like to see Comstock Saloon and Réveille team up for some coffee cocktails.

-Jason Laska

13 Responses to “Slow Pour: Mission Mission’s new coffee column takes a look at Stanza and Réveille”

  1. Sophie says:

    Reveille’s fried egg-in-a-hole breakfast sandwich is nothing short of heaven. Heaven!

  2. gregory says:

    the guys at stanza are super-friendly too. none of the attitude that scares off some people from the good coffee. (not me, though — somehow i fall on the inside of the attitude sphere)

  3. MrEricSir says:

    Stanza is a great addition to the area. Not like we’re already spoiled with great coffee in the Mission or anything.

  4. ALWAY HIGH says:


  5. greg says:

    > “…and maintain a curated map of the best places to get the black stuff”

    Maps? Again with the maps? The Mission isn’t so massive as to require extensive geolocation devices to save you the burdensome extra five minutes of walking.

    What gives?

  6. scum says:

    I prefer a nice Earl Grey myself.

  7. Liveunique says:

    Love the map…was going to do this for myself – thanks for saving me the trouble!