Where’s the best hot toddy?

Apparently tomorrow is National Hot Toddy Day. Where in the Mission shall we celebrate?

Furthermore, maybe we should do a big official hot toddy crawl?

[Photo by Olivia]

6 Responses to “Where’s the best hot toddy?”

  1. UnkieD says:

    The Lexington Club, for real.

  2. poop says:

    It’s not the Mission but the Hi-Lo makes a really good one with tequila (which I know sounds weird but if you get a smokey tequila its really good).

  3. trapgina says:

    lone palm

  4. tuffy says:

    Nikki (at Pop’s) has been making Fireball Hot Toddy’s if you’re looking for some extra cinnamon kick.

  5. phlavor says:

    Elixir. Duh.

  6. Tommy says:

    Dovre Club