A Thousand or So Hipsters on Their Mopeds

Beware, everybody!

Thanks for the tip, Dylan!


Come Scoot With Me

Mopeds on the Freeway (Video)

18 Responses to “A Thousand or So Hipsters on Their Mopeds”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    They are all over my hood.

    As one dear friend once told me” “Burners. They hatch these ideas and then have the gall to actually do them.”

    And in doing this idea they spew exhaust into everyone’s faces.

    And still people smile.

    Like when my Boston Terrier looks up with that lovin’ expression then lays a smelly loaf. And people smile.

    Charm goes a long way. For a short time.

    Have fun guys, but please do leave when you’re done.

  2. Laura says:

    I was wondering who the assholes who almost hit me when I was *in the crosswalk with a clear walk signal* on Potrero this evening. About 50 ran the red light. About 3 stopped so I could finally make it across the street.

  3. Kansas1 says:

    FTL & let the riders ride.
    Moped Army 2002

  4. Almostnative says:

    this is exactly why hipsters are a blight on San Francisco.

    • Ferocious Foot Odor says:

      Well Kansas1 is to Dorothy what Kansas is to Hipsters: something everyone wants to get away from. That’s why the cheese ball isn’t allowed in Kansas anymore.

      Mom & dad paid him a moped to go away.

  5. melissa says:

    I saw some Friday night leaving that bar at 14th and Mission, and they were riding on the sidewalk. Safety first!


    Oh get the fuck over it. You were inconvenienced for five minutes, and this event happens once every two fucking years. grow a pair. Critical mass is more of an inconvenience and you fuckers love it.

    No one got hurt, everyone had fun. People came from all over the country!

    • stupid chipster says:

      Hear hear!

      @Laura it’s a lot safer if the pack stays together, that’s why the running of the red lights. Did you actually step out into the street while everyone was still going through the intersection?


      I’ll think of your comments when I kick over your ride. If you’re on it and going through a red light at the time, you’re going to hit the ground pretty hard. If you’re still thinking about getting back up, I’ll kick you, too. Get the fuck over it yourself.

  7. Dan says:

    Mopeds= faster than walking but without the dignity

  8. Jack says:

    For all the talk of being environmentally-friendly, a lot of people are hopping on fixed-gear bikes and scooters because they look cool.

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