New ‘ambience’ category on Yelp: ‘Hipster’

Reader Tina spotted this the other day and mentioned it in a comment thread. Reader JR just happens to be the the programmer who implemented the feature, and informed us all that it’s been in use since late February.

It’s not a clickable value, so I can’t seem to get a list of all the spots in town with hipster ambiences, and JR didn’t return my email, so, readers, Yelpers, what beloved spots around town besides Gracias Madre have been designated “Hipster”?

And what with the hipster backlash becoming more and more violent, do businesses really want to be associated with the dirty word? Maybe it’s a revenue play. I bet local businesses will pay through the nose to have the “Hipster” tag removed.

38 Responses to “New ‘ambience’ category on Yelp: ‘Hipster’”

  1. Jane says:

    Sorry but no person who cares about being cool would be caught dead at a vegan Mexican restaurant. By ‘hipster’ do they mean ‘web developer who moonlights as a Dolores Park unicycle rider and wears those running shoes that look like feet’?

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    Hipsters represent a certain predictable and bankable social demographic — or at least they used to! The infamous and enormous Dot-Com inflatable mattress keeps expanding and contracting. However in the glory days of the late 90′s, I wonder if some restaurants might have wanted that tag. Better than “damaged destitute addict vibe.” (Admittedly there is occasionally some crossover, crusties this means you.)

  3. MrEricSir says:

    I wouldn’t categorize Gracias Madre as “hipster” so much as “violently explosive diarrhea.”

  4. GG says:

    Why the commenter hate on Gracias Madre? That place is DELICIOUS.

    Hipster vibe: Four Barrel, Ritual, Humphry Slocombe, Homestead…

  5. whir says:

    The great hipster hatred reversal is already underway, and by the inexorable and unshakeable law of the circularity of trends, we have approximately 24 months before everybody who claims to hate hipsters now claims to have been a hipster before everybody else was doing it, and additionally decrying the terrible commercialization of the original hipster aesthetic.

  6. mcrib says:

    i’m a lamester

  7. tacotron says:

    I like tacos

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Dammit, all this time I had been assuming from your name that you were either a taco-making robot, or possibly a robot MADE of tacos.

  8. johnny says:

    I like turtles

  9. TinyTim says:

    Gracias Madre is way overrated.
    Make your own black beans with TJ’s beans, fry up some onions, garlic, add some hot sauce.
    Hipstahs: learn to cook, for Madre’s sake. Make your own drip coffee.

    • ciao says:

      if you can’t tell the difference between the food at GM and the shit that comes out of a can from Trader Joe’s then you should be the last person to get all condescending about food.

      • MrEricSir says:

        Is the difference that the food at Trader Joe’s is more sanitary?

      • Nevertheless, TinyTim’s basic message is correct: If you’re going to eat food that is as simple as toast, you should learn how to make it yourself — or you’re going to be ripped-off or fooled or poisoned as a regular thing. Go out to eat when you want something complicated or artistic — the people who make that stuff have a lot more to lose if they screw up.

  10. SCUM says:

    Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre are part of a fucking cult. Fuck vegans, hippies and hipsters.

  11. Drew says:

    Ambience is spelled wrong, unless they’re talking about light, sound, or radiation.

  12. Greenland Whale Fisheries says:

    Honestly, what is a hipster? I would like to know what that means.

  13. AL says:

    I love hipster places.

    1. They are usually cheap
    2. They are usually vegetarian friendly
    3. If they aren’t 1 and/or 2 then its
    a. Sustainable/Alice Waters cult
    b. Gourmet/Overhyped-Overrated
    c. Has a weird appeal.

    Gracias Madre: 2 and 3.

  14. Wavvy Gravvy says:

    Prospect is Hipster:

    Twenty Five Lusk is Hipster:

    Commonwealth is Hipster:

    Maverick is Hipster:

    Spork, Beretta, Dalva, Zeitgeist, farm:table, Pop’s, Ikes at Lime, Boogaloos, Medjool, Elbo Room, Red Door Cafe ARE ALL HIPSTER

    Four Barrel, Ritual, Dynamo Donuts, Delirium, Bender’s, Humphrey Slocombe, Tartine, Foreign Cinema, Delfina, Range, Amnesia, Revolution Cafe, The Summit ARE NOT HIPSTER

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Yeah, except that all of those places that you listed on the “NOT HIPSTER” list are also totally fucking hipster.

      Or are you saying that yelp fails to list them as hipster despite that they are all deep in the 9th circle of hipster hell?

  15. Anna says:

    Medjool is most definitely NOT hipster. Medjool is a suburban interpretation of a cocaine club – but without the blow. Medjool is closer to Douche than Hipster but is really most like Union Street circa 1985.

  16. Is this new “hipster” category only for SF or is this worldwide?