Saturday night fights: Punks vs. hipsters

Normally we wouldn’t give a second thought to a single thing in Oakland, but this appears to be a night of boxing sponsored by the East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club in which each fight pits a punk against a hipster. This seems notable. Pencil it in, perhaps.

[via the Mission Mission Facebook wall]

46 Responses to “Saturday night fights: Punks vs. hipsters”

  1. Punks beat up on each other for fun. Hipsters would be used as currency in State Pen.

    My money’s on the punks.

  2. Omiso says:

    “Normally we wouldn’t give a second thought to a single thing in Oakland”?? I am gonna beat yo ass bitch!

    • mama help me i write blogs for a living says:

      haha!! not if i beat that ass first!! see you on the playground at 3 punk ass hipster.

  3. Jim says:

    This is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard of. Can’t wait til some of those southern california hardcore turned hipster meatheads crush some Crass sucking skull.

  4. AttF says:

    Guess no one invited the skins?

  5. Anon says:

    True story about the East Bay Rats: A couple of years ago (like about 10 years ago), I was at a halloween party in Oakland when these rats showed up uninvited. A few minutes in one gets a call on his cell to the effect that some other members of their crew were about to get in a fight somewhere else. “How many of them are there?… 8?… But there are only five of us here.” I am not exaggerating in the slightest, so much for not backing down from a fight. Then one of them started making fun of a guy about half his size, one of our artist friends, who had a wrestler costume on. “Do you want to wrestle?” Yes he did! The impecunious artist was repurposing his high-school uniform as a costume. I had the pleasure of watching this 5’3″ guy just tie up the EB Rats largest member in knots in the front yard.

    I am also pretty sure they got the idea for boxing nights from some guys at Berkeley who couldn’t get into frats and had to come up with an excuse for why there were no women at their parties.

    • reddiva dana says:

      HMMMM not my experience of the EB rats at all……………….and trust me they have no lack of women at all at heir parties LOL

    • moderniste says:

      Nother true story about The Rats. About 4 years ago, I was riding my old Vespa scooter down Lincoln on my way to Speedway Meadows. About 10 Rats turned onto Lincoln right as I passed their intersection, and they surrounded me in a big pack of rat bikes.

      So there’s me, a modly dressed chick on an impeccable light blue Vespa (I think I’d even washed it and polished the chrome that day) and a bunch of greasy rocker Rats. It was like a SF scene out of Quadrophenia. We rode along Lincoln for about 10 blocks, until we all stopped at a light. I sat there feeling kinda silly until one of the guys nudged up along side me and said, “My best friend is in love with you and he won’t stop following you until you say hello.” I said hello and for the next two months or so, the mods and rockers called a private little truce. Aww–young(ish) love.

  6. Jane says:

    I love that the word “hipsters” is in that cheesy fake graffiti font usually found in DARE pamphlets. What is that called anyway, StreetCred Sans?

  7. janey Smith says:

    A fight between forty-somethings and twenty-somethings? Sweet.

  8. ian mackaye says:

    punks are a breed of hipster


    • Probably more like Morlock versus Eloi.

    • Nigga please.

      Punks were around before today’s hipsters were.

      Hipsters can’t even come up with an original name for their subculture.

      • ian mackaye says:

        Hmm, then maybe hipsters are a breed of punk?

        Either way, youth subcultures that orbit around personal clothing choices, fashionable activism, and looking down up people who don’t fit into their scene as well as themselves blur together in my eyes.

        Not to imply that’s what punk is supposed to be ‘about’ or that everyone into it fits that description. It just seems to have devolved into that sort of a scene at this point (I’m looking at you bro-core kids).

        • Youth subcultures have been around for a lot longer than punk or hipster.

          Only difference between Hipster and every other subculture that has come around is that every other subculture had beliefs and ideals that they were willing to represent and/or fight for.

          Greasers, Mods, Punks, Skins, Rudeboys, Hippies, Beatniks, Goths, etc.. they all had SOMETHING.

          Hipsters have none of that. They go by, day by day, living a lifestyle built on vanity and irony, while sucking away the cool from every other subculture that came before them.

          I do agree with you on the bro-core kids.

        • reddiva dana says:

          really youth subculture???? you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself on that one. Punks include a large number of punk elders & make a point of not being ageist, homophobic, misogynistic etc etc Might I refer you to this eloquent interview./mission statement/manifesto by Chief Blackdawg AKA Marcus Da Anarchist founder & chief of PYRATE PUNX [Oakland PP based but now world wide]

          • ian mackaye says:

            I say youth culture because I am talking about young people; the people I see and interact with at shows are typically my peers and thats how I feel about most of them. I was talking those who claim to be ‘into’ punk yet still manage to be blatantly misogynist (the anthem, “no clit in the pit” comes to mind), don’t know crap about politics outside of lyrics they regurgitate, that they either love or hate weed, and call everyone fags/pussies/bitches (looking at you again bro-core kids). The huge influx of those type people into the scene has made it really crummy.

            I don’t like those ‘punks’. I’m already aware of Pyrate Punx and that the punk scene manages to harbor a lot of dope people who are nothing like the ones I described. I like those punks.

          • Ian,

            I am Marcus DaAnarchist, I really do not have much to type at this point, Except to a lil’ correction, not all PP are dope punx, thar is a grip that are straight edge and the such and we do not represent any of those subpunk music genders, but punk community as a whole and to be honest we very collective motley crue of lifers that love our punk community and our united to help keep the spirit going as true as it can be before it is stocked up on a self at walmart, lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if so at this point. As to that I was extremely disappointed hot topics was not a hot fudge Sunday Ice cream place. Oi and I was yer stage manager three or two years in a row in the early 90′s at 924 Gilman Street Project.

            ~Blackdawg out

        • reddiva dana says:

          :) olive branch, ian……where’s your shows?

          • ian mackaye says:

            gilman, slims, sub mission, parkside, oakland metro, the occasional house show

            just typical jazzz

  9. I hope someone is blaring the original score from West Side Story. I’d suggest the Mambo music, it is great for street fighting, or street dancing which is most likely what will happen.

    Anyway, hipsters don’t stand a chance.

  10. CP says:

    West Side Story soundtack hopes +1.

  11. Corpus Nerd says:

    The hipsters will win because they’ll just pretend like their going to show up and then laugh their ass off at everbody who actually does show up while they hang out some place cooler.

    • Ponk Mexicano says:

      Pussies shows that you cant actually fight for shit sake!

      You hispters like talking shit but if you cant handle the heat stay out of the kitchen!

  12. CappN16th says:

    Jane, cudos for coining “StreetCred Sans” – awesome!

    • Jane says:

      Hah, thanks. Anyway though, I wouldn’t call it too soon. The matchups were posted on the Facebook event invite and at least weightwise they seem pretty even to me.


  13. J says:

    I can’t believe all of you wasted time talking about this.

  14. tacotron says:

    Should be punks vs hipsters vs sad black metal dudes vs….limber yoga students

  15. SCUM says:

    I know a lot of the Rats, they are like pretty much any group of people, Assholes, idiots and some really nice folks. DDFF.

  16. TC says:

    You know the Mission has biker bars but no hipster M/C club for the 20-somethings to do their artisanal meth and bang their vegan biker broads… Shame

  17. yokle says:

    Yawn… SF transplants/bobos condescending on Oakland, typical high hat from suburban twats refashioning themselves as urban pioneers. Change the record Allan

  18. tacotron says:

    I like oakland, oakland is tits.

  19. d says:

    What a strange matchup. Hipsters are not really a fighting breed. Physical aggression is a much bigger part of punk history than hipster history. (Hipster history? That sounds a bit silly. Well anyway.)

    Next up: freestyle battle between hip-hop kids and amish elders.

  20. Trevor says:

    I’ve worked out with all of these guys,
    The hipsters have more cardio,
    The punks hit harder.

  21. Rocky says:

    The next bout should be meat eaters vs. Vegans

  22. Paul Huber says: