Ti Couz bids adieu to the Mission, existence

Ti Couz is about to close its bright blue doors forever, meaning that if you want a crepe, like, right now, go grab one while you still can. Inside Scoop reports:

Apparently, it’s a certainty that the popular creperie will be calling it quits, but there’s no farewell date just yet. The party line is only that it will be soon, though it’s undetermined, but could be “any day now” (but “probably not tomorrow”).

So what’s next for this prime spot of real estate? A new brunch spot perhaps? Read on.

Au revoir Ti Couz, and to your delightful wares, we salute you.

[via Eater SF]

[Photo by Jezcab]

6 Responses to “Ti Couz bids adieu to the Mission, existence”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    This can’t really be a surprise to anyone. In such a foodie neighborhood with high rents, it was a big place that was never more than half-full.

    It was also quite expensive, and inconsistent.

  2. Jane says:

    I used to love Ti Couz, ate / got drinks there at least once a week, until I got a ham & egg crepe once where the egg inside was completely raw. I was too grossed out to over go back. But this is sad, I’ll miss the Ti Couz Ten.

  3. Mitchun says:

    I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did. It used to be a great affordable restaurant but he quality of the food declined so much over the years that it basically became inedible. I had a decidedly “last time ever” with them a few years ago and everyone else probably had the same experience. I imagine it’s only the constant influx of new people into the hood that kept them (barely) afloat this long.

  4. Grego says:

    I love Ti Couz and have been going there for a decade. Why close, why?

  5. moderniste says:

    Ti Couz during the dot.bomb years was the shit. I remember many yummy platters of oysters and somepretty decent crepes. More than the food though, there was a certain buzz about the place. But the buzz is gone, the kitchen and serice has grown lackadaisical and most restaurants have about a 10 year window to do their thing and do it well. Places like Zuni and Boulevard are rare.

  6. bunky415 says:

    place sucked, you knows it