Problems with Yelp’s new ‘Hipster’ ambience category?

First of all, is Medjool intimate? I don’t think it is. More importantly, I also don’t think hipsters hang there very often.

Reader Wavvy Gravvy points out some other possible flaws in Yelp’s new “Hipster” tag:

Spork, Beretta, Dalva, Zeitgeist, farm:table, Pop’s, Ikes at Lime, Boogaloos, Medjool, Elbo Room, Red Door Cafe ARE ALL HIPSTER

Four Barrel, Ritual, Dynamo Donuts, Delirium, Bender’s, Humphrey Slocombe, Tartine, Foreign Cinema, Delfina, Range, Amnesia, Revolution Cafe, The Summit ARE NOT HIPSTER


But seriously, we apologize for perpetuating all this “hipster” bullshit. Sometimes it just seems like a good idea.

11 Responses to “Problems with Yelp’s new ‘Hipster’ ambience category?”

  1. pedro says:

    it’s “hipster” for websters/startup types. pretty sure half the yelp cast hangs at medjool too. yelp probably caught on to common search words and gave the people what they want. i’m sure “hipster” and “trendy” get typed in ALL THE TIME.

  2. Heather says:

    Four Barrel is hell of hipster.

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Uhh, we’ll stop calling people hipsters when they stop being hipsters.

  4. Juanpablo says:

    Waiting for the Boring and Douchey tags.

  5. johan peppercock says:

    I think they need to add “Bro” to their oeuvre of ambience tags.

  6. ejcsanfran says:

    Maybe “hipster” is simply too narrow – how about an “insufferable” tag?

    Though right on the money with farm:table…

  7. What about Planned Parenthood? Nothing but hipster douchebags there. Sometimes literally…

  8. whir says:

    People, please get it straight!

    Bars and restaurants you and your friends don’t go to: HIPSTER!

    Bars and restaurants you and your friends go to: NOT HIPSTER!

  9. rockyroxana says:

    i cannot stop laughing at this concept.

  10. wizzer says:

    Hipsters are losers, renters, bike nuts, and boys who wear girls skinny jeans.

    trust me, they are not the future.