Unique, hard-to-miss bike stolen from area garage

Box Dog Bikes brings word of this bummer:

My buddy Mo just had his Otis Guy Stolen from his garage. Small, black Otis Guy frame set up as a single speed with Velo Orange porteur rack and BMX bars. This bike is very unique and hard to miss! Please let us know if you see it, or take it back and bring it to us!!!!

6 Responses to “Unique, hard-to-miss bike stolen from area garage”

  1. tc says:

    Definitely saw this today around 4pm locked on the 25th St. side of the Phonebooth.

  2. oh says:

    nothing like an ill fitted bike

  3. El Jeffe says:

    Just saw it in front of the phone booth – 6:45 am Monday morning.

    Are you sure you just didn’t get really drunk and forget it was there?

    Or maybe the thief lives in that building…

  4. Pedro Navaja says:

    Faaaaaancy! “Porteur rack” ······· Back in Shackville you would have called them luggage racks.

  5. Alec says:

    Parked in front of kilowatt RIGHT NOW!