What mysterious animals are roaming around 16th Street BART?

My friend Lindsay noticed this sign  and found it more than a little odd.  Now, I understand the not feeding the pigeons part, that’s a given — it’s the second part of the message that worries me.  What other animals are they referring to that live in the Mission, particularly ones that live in or around 16th Street?

Is it giant subway rats?  Escaped monkeys?  Or perhaps El Chupacabra never left and has been roaming the streets terrorizing BART denizens and eating leftover tamales discarded in area trashcans!

[Thanks Lindsay!]

8 Responses to “What mysterious animals are roaming around 16th Street BART?”

  1. luke says:

    I have seen a raccoon multiple times inside my block off 16th st. It generally leers back at me and then waddles its fatass away.

  2. SCUM says:

    Bums and crackheads?

  3. MrEricSir says:

    I always wanted to print a sticker with the word “CRACKHEADS” in red letters and slap it over where it says “ANIMALS.”

  4. thatsmedawg says:

    ESCAPED MONKEYS??? at 16th and mission?? what exactly are you trying to say about our crackbros???

  5. marmur says:

    My guess is they don’t want to say the word “rats”. That wouldn’t look good.