‘The Hipster Guide to San Francisco’

Didn’t get your fill of hackneyed hipster humor this week? You poor thing! Well check this baby out. In this video, a couple of young vacationers want to know what this whole San Francisco “hipster” thing is about, consult the ultimate hipster guide (Lonely Planet travel books, of course), then hit up such hipster hot-spots as Blazing Saddles bicycle rentery, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Aquarius Records, and Dolores Park. This stuff writes itself!

Of course, the first things I thought when I saw this were,”uhhh, that is not a single speed bike,” and, “aren’t those shots of Mars Vintage and Rasputin in Berkeley?” I guess that makes me a you-know-what-ster.

Chinese Hipsters Are 40+

Hey what do Google, cheese, authentic consumer electronics, and now “fixed gear bicycles” have in common? They are all hard to come by in China.

Poor Nie Zheng (pictured) had to wait his entire life to complete his Mission hipster look:

‘It’s been a dream since I was a kid to get a bicycle like this,’ the 40-year-old fashion photographer told me. ‘But no one sold them here.’ It took nearly nine months, he said, to get a track bike he wanted sent from England in 2007.

Someone throw a benefit show for these guys, already.

(via Slate)


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This, and more lovely DoLoPa (see what I did there?) shots courtesy of Linus Shentu.

Update: I think we’re being virally marketed to: http://hipstergirlsinmustaches.blogspot.com/