Chinese Hipsters Are 40+

Hey what do Google, cheese, authentic consumer electronics, and now “fixed gear bicycles” have in common? They are all hard to come by in China.

Poor Nie Zheng (pictured) had to wait his entire life to complete his Mission hipster look:

‘It’s been a dream since I was a kid to get a bicycle like this,’ the 40-year-old fashion photographer told me. ‘But no one sold them here.’ It took nearly nine months, he said, to get a track bike he wanted sent from England in 2007.

Someone throw a benefit show for these guys, already.

(via Slate)


Kevmo goes to China

How To Drink From a Bag o’ Brew

How To Drink From a Bag o' Brew

In case you missed the post from the other day, bags of brew are all the rage in China these days.  For seventy two US cents, you can knock back 5 beers in a Chris Daly disapproved receptacle.  Since I know you all were curious how the hell you drank from these, you’re supposed to impale your beer with a straw and share with friends.  Beyond the style points, the real benefit of this setup is that you have a place to put your vomit in afterwards.  Bag o’ Brew: where have you been all my life?

Anyways, since this isn’t a blog about China, you can follow all the oriental action on the other blog that I otherwise never have a reason to update and no one reads in general.

P.S. – When I get back to the Mission, I want to open a bar that only serves beer in plastic bags.  Good idea / bad idea?

Belated Obligatory Olympic Torch Post

Yeah I was at AT&T Park when the torch was supposed to run by, and it was a bummer that it didn’t, but whatever. It was fun watching the chaos and playing frisbee on a cordoned-off street amid protesters and riot police. I took some video and put it together last night. It’s short and sweet, features a standout song from Back From The Grave Vol. 2, and a surprise ending.

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